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Netflix, Hulu and Spotify are online services that provide amazing content available with just a click. While most of those services are not free and require a monthly fee around $8, I’d be happy to pay this fee to access their major streaming library. If you don’t know those channels, probably a Google search won’t be worth a look because you can’t even visit their websites from India (or any other place except USA). The only way to access those services outside USA is by faking your internet location.

If you have already tried to get around the geo-block and access channels like Netflix, you are probably familiar with VPN and proxy solutions. However, a VPN will not provide you the necessary bandwidth to stream in HD due to its nature. When you’re connected to a VPN service, it acts as a “middle-man” and intercepts your connection. As a result, your internet connection becomes slower and that’s a big con when it comes to streaming content online. Another limitation of VPN is that it will only work on your computer while Netflix and the other channels mentioned above are available on almost any internet connected device including Android, iOS, video game consoles and smart TV’s.

Few weeks ago I came across UnoTelly, a service dedicated in providing access to blocked streaming stations like Netflix. UnoTelly’s biggest advantage is that it that it will give you direct access to the content provider you want to stream by using DNS direct connection. UnoTelly will not route all your traffic. It will only route just a small amount of it only when you are trying to access one of their supported channels. As a result, when you are streaming Netflix or other channels, there is absolutely zero speed loss.


UnoTelly is a commercial service. It offers two basic subscribing plans, Premium and Gold. The Premium plan provides access to all UnoTelly’s supported channels for $4.95 per month. The difference between Premium and Gold pack is that the Gold pack comes with a bonus VPN connection so that you can use it in special occasions when you want to access services that are not supported by the DNS service yet. The cost of the Gold pack is $7.95 per month. Lastly, you can try UnoTelly for free for 8 days to check if it’s something for you by taking their free trial.  You can achieve better prices for each pack if you purchase more than one month.

UnoTelly Pricing


You can find any necessary guide, video or FAQ about setting up UnoTelly on your device in their website. The concept here is to replace your ISP’s DNS with the DNS provided by UnoTelly. You can setup UnoTelly on almost any internet connected device such us phones, tablets, game consoles, streaming boxes and smart TV’s. Personally, I choose the easiest solution and setup UnoTelly directly on my router. Now, any device connected in my network has access to Netflix and all the other UnoTelly channels! Please note that in order to download the channels apps on your Android or iOS device you will need to create a US Google Play or US iTunes account. You can find instructions on how to do it on UnoTelly’s website.


UnoTelly’s performance is what made me write this review. It will do its work so silently that you’ll forget its existence once you configure it on your device or router. The only thing you may have to do after setting it up is to update your IP address with UnoTelly any time it changes. It’s an easy task that can be done by just clicking the update button on your UnoTelly client page or via their PC or Android app.

About streaming speeds, as mentioned above, there is absolutely zero speed loss while streaming. With an internet connection of 8 Mbps, you will be able to stream full HD movies and series from Netflix or other UnoTelly supported channels. For internet speeds between 2-4 Mbps, you can’t achieve high definition but you can stream whatever you want without lags and hiccups.

Accessing Netflix with UnoDNS

Lastly, when it comes to availability, UnoTelly ensures 99.999% uptime. They achieve that with their 22 Global DNS servers available worldwide. Even if there is an outage in one of UnoTelly’s server, you just have to pick another server and continue streaming your favorite content without interruptions!

I have used their services for over a month now, and I didn’t find a single time when the server was down.

Supported channels

As you can see from UnoTelly’s channels list , there is definitely something for any taste available. From UFC and the famous English Premiere soccer league to Breaking Bad, House of Cards and Southpark. As I told in the beginning of this article, Netflix and Hulu require a monthly subscription ($8/month). Bellow, you can see some tips on how to subscribe to Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Netflix: Netflix accepts almost any international credit card so you can subscribe to it with you credit card regardless the country you leave. All you have to do is to use a US postal code when signing up. You can use Google maps for a US postal code. Netflix offers 1 month free trial so you can test it before paying for it.

Hulu Plus: Hulu Plus maybe a little tricky to sign up with. Firstly, you must create a US PayPal account (you will need a US postal code like with Netflix). Once you are done with creating your US PayPal account, you will need to buy a visual credit card from EntroPay and link it to your US PayPal account. After you do this, you will be able to pay for Hulu Plus subscription. Hulu Plus offers a 7-Day free trial so that you can test it for free.

Hulu Plus on Android with UnoTelly


UnoTelly is one the easiest ways to access Netflix and other blocked stations from anywhere you are. Great speed, solid service and most important, it’s compatible with almost any internet connected device. Of course there are similar services that can give you access to blocked stations for free (MediaHint, Hola Unblocker) but their quality and channel availability cannot be compared with UnoTelly’s. If you can afford it, I recommend UnoTelly for anyone who is searching for a way to access blocked stations online.

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