Unboxing the Kobo Touch India Edition

Box Pack94%
Accessories Included91%
First Impressions of Product95%
94%Overall Score
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Recently, Kobo had launched its e-readers in the Indian market, namely the Kobo Touch, Kobo Glo and Kobo Aura HD. We recently got the Kobo Touch for review purposes, and our first impressions of the product were quite nice. The e-reader was delivered in a proper packaging, and came with a microUSB cable, and a manual. The process of setting up Kobo Touch is also fairly easy.

Kobo Touch Unboxing

Kobo Touch Unboxing

The device was packed neatly in a rectangular box. The product itself was placed neatly in the box, below which were the manuals, and the microUSB cable.


All the stuff in the box.

All the stuff in the box.

Setting up the Kobo Touch was a fairly easy process. It took around 5 minutes over the WiFi, and that included software updates.


The box again.

The box again.

Overall, the packing of the product is really nice, and the first impressions of the Kobo Touch are positive, but what matters is what’s inside. For the complete review of the Kobo Touch stay tuned to Tech Junction.

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  1. Jack

    I have this for 3 months. My review :

    The product itself is nice, but the books collection of Kobo Store is less.


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