I have been a fan of Tylt since I reviewed its PowerPlant, and when I found the Tunz Stereo Headset on Tylt’s official website, I decided to go for it. Sporting the price tag of $36, the Tylt Tunz Stereo Headset are definitely not the cheapest headphones out there, but they deserve this price. With different ear gels, and the trademark Active Gels, the Tylt Tunz are much more than just earphones.

Box Pack

Tunz Earphones Box Content

Tylt has a knack of packing products the right way. The headphones come in a beautiful box, that includes the Tunz headset, 3 ear gels, 3 active gels, a carrying bag, clip and user manual. The 3 ear gels, and the active gels come in three sizes, and are packed nicely in the carrying bag. The carrying bag itself is pretty nice, and seems to be made of real leather.


The best thing about the Tylt Tunz Headset is its flat cable. The earphone’s wires have been designed in such a way that they do not tangle. This is particularly good, and it makes storage of the headset even easier. You can keep it anyway, and they won’t tangle !

The headsets cable is long enough, and the 3.5mm audio jack too is sturdy enough to last ages. The Tunz Stereo Headset come with microphone, and a call attend button, which is conveniently placed near the earphones.

Tylt Tunz Stereo Headphones


The headsets perform really well. We tested them for around 5 hours continuously. The sound quality is really sweet, and you can actually hear all the instruments that are being played in the music. But the headsets are not that great at playing high pitch sounds, or sharp sounds.

Also, for the first 20-30 days, that sound quality is superb, then it deteriorate a bit, which is common in almost every earphone that we have tested so far. The ear plugs of the headsets fit any ear easily, as the headset comes with ear plugs of different sizes to suite one’s need.

Also, another remarkable feature of the headsets in the ActiveGels. Active Gels actually work, and help keeping the headsets stuck to your ear, so you can run while wearing the Tylt Tunz Headset

Tunz Headphones Active Gels

Tunz Headphones Active Gels


The headphones are compatible with all major mobiles and MP3 players. They have 3.5mm audio jack, which is supported in all major mobiles and other electronics. But yes, there was problems in microphone with Sony Xperia range of devices that were launched before 2010, as they use other standard of earphones.

Final Take

The Tylt Tunz Stereo Headset are definitely not the cheapest option in the headset market, but they are certainly one of the best out there. With Active Gels, and ear plugs of different sizes, you get to customize the earphones to suite you. And the flat wire of the headset doesn’t tangle, so overall, the Tylt Tunz Headset, are a good option if you are looking for earphones that last.

Tylt Tunz Stereo Headset Review
The Pros
  • Wires don't tangle.
  • Active Gels provide secure fit.
  • Colourful range.
The Cons
  • A little pricey.
90%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (13 Votes)

10 Responses

  1. Jack

    Hi ! Here is my review of the Tylt Tunz Stereo Headset.

    I ordered the product from Amazon, and the delivery was as usual on time. I got the headset within 2 days of placing the order.

    Yes the headsets have been designed really well. The packing too is very sweet, and most of all, they come with extra ear plug-ins so that’s nice.

    Now the sound quality of the headphones is also really nice, but I am sort of more fond of my Sony headset.

    But overall, I am quite impressed with the product I got.

  2. Joe

    Yup, they certainly don’t tangle, but I don’t really like the sound quality, I mean its high and all, but its not that sharp.

    Overall, its an okay sort of product, at least for me.


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