I was really fed up with the low battery backup of my Android device. Whenever I went out, my device always went off after a few hours of usage, and I was so much frustrated, that I finally went ahead and decided to buy a portable battery charger. But with so many portable battery chargers out in the market, I was really confused. After a bit of research, I finally bought Tylt PowerPlant, mainly due to two reasons, first of all it looks great, and second, it’s compatibility with just about any device. After using the portable charger for around 2 months, I am really satisfied with its performance. But it too, like any device has some drawbacks. I take a look at these drawbacks, and the advantages of Tylt PowerPlant in this review.

Box Pack

PowerPlant Box Contents

PowerPlant Box Contents

Tylt PowerPlant was boxed to impress. It comes in an amazingly beautiful box, that you’d imagine that the company had spent its complete budget making the box. The colourful box, has the PowerPlant, a colourful product manual, microUSB, and warranty card.

Product Design and Build

Tylt PowerPlant is really very, very well built, with a flexible microUSB port for charging. the charger has been designed really well. It is in the form of a cuboid, and has a flap which opens to reveal the USB port and a microUSB port for charging the charger.

On the front side, there are four LED lights that shows the battery left in the device. These lights can be activated with a small button on the left side. These lights remain on for around 6 seconds and then go off. This is nice, as it doesn’t waste the battery on the LED lights.

Tylt PowerPlant Charging

Tylt PowerPlant Charging my Device

While the design of the product is really nice, but the outer layer of the charger is a real fingerprint magnet.


This portable battery charger is really light at around 153 grams, considering that it provides 5,200mAh battery. Which in my opinion is quite enough. It is quite comfortable in your hand, and it can easily fit in your bag, or in any other place, as it is in the form of a small cuboid.

Battery Backup

The battery of the PowerPlant is humongous, in true sense. Once, out on a holiday, I used it to charge my Samsung Galaxy S2 twice, and it still held some juice to charge it even further. The device takes around 4-5 hours to charge itself up completely, when connected to your computer. After a full charge, it takes around 2 hours to charge your mobile or tablet. I tested the PowerPlant with my iPad, and it charged it completely in 3.5 hours. But after that it had no juice to charge anything else.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with the battery backup it has provides.

Tylt PowerPlant


Overall, I found the Tylt PowerPlant to be really durable. I have been using the product for over 2 months now, and I don’t find a single scratch on its plastic body. The microUSB port does seem a little weak, and I fear that it might break off if it is yanked off hard. But till now there hasn’t been any problem.


To wrap it all up in a few words, I will say it is just amazing. Brilliant battery, amazing design, and great quality, make it the portable battery to go for. On the negative side, it has a plastic body that attracts fingerprints. But other than this, the Tylt PowerPlant may just be the portable battery of the year !

Tylt PowerPlant Portable Battery Review
Battery Backup95%
  • Amazing Design.
  • Provides 5300 mAh battery.
  • Body of charger is a fingerprint magnet.
93%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (15 Votes)

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  1. Manish

    Impressed by the review, bought this. My Review :
    Brilliant battery & good design go for it. Value for money.


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