When it comes to designing the products right, Tylt is the champion. Right from the day one, when we reviewed the Tylt PowerPlant, Tylt has just exceeded our expectations when it comes to the design of the product, and with the Tylt Band car charger, Tylt seems to have gone right again. Coming in various colours including green, red, blue and black, the Tylt Band features a sleek ribbon wire, that allows you to connect any device to it.

The real deal maker is the brilliant design of the charger. There is a ribbon that has microUSB at one end and the charger at the other. This serves the purpose of connecting most of the devices. But if your device doesn’t support microUSB, even then the Tylt Band can serve its purpose as it comes with a USB port. So you can charge just about any device with it.

The box of the Band car charger is pretty similar to the box of other Tylt products. Inside the box you can find the Tylt Band, placed like a snake in a plastic box. Although there are no accessories included with the charger, but what else do you need with a car charger ?

The first look of the Tylt Band gives the impression that the product is any normal not any charger. The ribbon band of the charger is pretty soft to hold and seems strong to bear a jerk at the same time.

Charging Mobile

Connecting and charging your mobile or tablet with the charger is super easy, its just plug and charge! The charger has 2.1Amp port that charged your device fast. This is a real advantage over other chargers that have 1Amp circuit that lowers the speed of charging.

We tried charging Samsung Galaxy S4 using this charger from nil, and it charged it in around 6-10 hours. This is pretty similar to the time taken to charge it from a real port. One real disadvantage of the device is that the inbuilt cable of the charger is pretty small. So if you try to attend a call with the charger attached you won’t be able to do so. Having found this the hard way, we were not so happy about this.

The charger supports the standard car charger port, and the actual speed of charging will also depend on the car that you are sitting in. The build quality of the charger was pretty nice. This is one amazing thing of Tylt products, their build quality is always great. But yes, the colorful cable of the charger does attract dirt, and after using it for around 7-10 days we found that the charger’s cable had bits of dirt here and there. So if you are an outdoor buff be sure to choose a dark colour.

Having tested many car chargers, I can say that till date, Tylt Band was the most gorgeous car charger I ever had. The ribbon band of the car charger just eliminates the trouble of messing with cables, and the perfect silicon body of the Tylt Band makes it a delight to hold. Although, like any product, it too has some drawbacks, but still, if you want an awesome car charger under 50$, then the Band is for you.

Tylt Band Car Charger Review
Accessories Included74%
Charging Speed77%
The Pros
  • Well designed.
  • In-built microUSB cable.
  • Has an USB port.
The Cons
  • The microUSB cable is too short.
  • Attracts dirt particles.
83%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (3 Votes)

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