Electronic Arts launched the much anticipated game Titanfall’s beta version for Xbox One and PC amid a lot of excitement on Friday. The title is scheduled to be out this March. Developed by one of the co-creators of the highly acclaimed Call of Duty franchise, Titanfall lived up to the expectations to a large extent. Titanfall offers a compelling look into the frenzy surrounding Robotic Titans. One gets reminded of Ghosts or Battlefield on having seen the gameplay but what sets Titanfall apart isΒ the contrast between the hulking, heavily armed titans and the agile, ultra-mobile pilots. The agility enables the players to run along walls, jetpack upwards and mantle onto rooftops. They can even take huge leaps with their jetpacks, using a nifty double-jump technique.

Wild Gameplay

Rocket explosions, flame eruptions, careening and jumping across the metallic industrial landscape, smoky air and the massive titans armed with cannons and missile launcher, Titanfall is a perfect package of nerve wracking robotic violence. Interesting new moves such as ‘Rodeoing’ which involves ripping apartΒ one of the Titan’s access panels and pulling the trigger at the bundle of wires inside make it even more intimidatingly adventurous.

Voilence Filled Action

Once gaining access to the beta form, the user gets access to three game modes: The deathmatch style Attrition, the command point capturing Hardpoint Domination and finally Last Titan Standing. The first equates to a team deathmatch mode tasking you with killing a certain number of enemies to cross a limit while the second involves multiple capturing points and the team filling a meter over time. The third mode, as the name suggests, is a grueling battle between two Titan teams. Whosoever pilots the last titan standing takes the bird away.

Titanfall Price in India

There is a narcissist side attached to the game too. At the end of the game in some modes,instead of a plain ‘Victory’ or ‘Mission Accomplished’ display as is common in a lot of games,the losers are made to make their way to a dropship extraction point while the valiant winners get a chance to hunt them down which ensures honor and satisfaction at the end of an engrossing game. It provides an excellent finishing touch.

Titanfall Gameplay

The only downside to Titanfall is it’s inability to run in native form 1080p. It is currently running on native form of 792p and may be closer to 900p at the launch in March. 792p, though provides a good gameplay resolution, is still not that fascinating in an extraterrestrial and sci-fi manner as the common belief for the game goes by.

Titanfall Beta Review

So,in a nutshell Titanfall is the perfect recipe for an action based outlandish game but the improvisations in resolutions are something to watch out for. Stay tuned to Tech Junction for the complete review of the Titanfall.

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Titanfall Beta Review
Platform Support85%
The Pros
  • Wild action-filled gameplay.
  • Nerve wracking robotic violence
The Cons
  • No native 1080p support.
83%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (6 Votes)

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  1. Reeshabh

    You know, you all should also add a tabular form of PC Specifications, which will really be nice πŸ™‚

    • Harsh Thakur

      The ending’s just epic.The way in which we get to hunt them reminds me of Sparta’s merciless killers and chasers in the past πŸ™‚

  2. M

    That’s a damn nice game…but bro include a bit more abt the story line..it’s what inspired me to play a game.

    When I was playing GTA 5 the story was which pushed me forward to complete the game.

    • Harsh Thakur

      Sure M(from James Bond πŸ˜› ).I will keep your advise in the future.But the reason why I didn’t lay much emphasis on the storyline is because I believe the very core juicy aspect of what makes Titanfall is not it’s storyline,though I’m not undermining it.But still,thanks for the advise πŸ˜€

  3. Malhotra

    Gr8 game and a nice review. Even I am waiting for the release but I must admit tht heavy violence kind of turns me off, something that I don’t like, I am kind of too kind towards humanity πŸ˜›

    But, Harsh, this is a nice review will like to see more amazing posts here on Tech Junction from you…

    • Harsh Thakur

      Hi Malhotra.It’s alright for you to have such thoughts but realize one thing.This is,but a game,after all.In today’s era of free speech,we have brilliant films such as 300 or Gangs of Wasseypur which,too,are a depiction of violence.And though I’m a peace loving boy myself,these type of games,believe me,gets your adrenalin racing like nothong else.And not just violence,Titanfall has a variety of other aspects like the thrill of a sci-fi,technological gadgets,even strategical and decision making skills at times.Cheers πŸ™‚

      • Anonymous

        Hi harsh I think u are rt I guess I will play this one..have a nice day ahead

  4. Whytheheck

    Have ordered the game, preorder at a cheap price in India on ea, but am too excited……

    • Harsh Thakur

      Hi Vikas πŸ™‚ I know that due to the limit for maximum sign ups being reached,I understand your concern regarding getting a beta.And trust me,I have experienced it in the past.
      But no problem,wait for the actual launch in March and then,rock and roll πŸ˜€


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