When it comes to the best in class accessories and headphones, LUXA2 is the brand to trust. A Taiwan based brand LUXA2(a division of Thermaltake) manufactures top quality accessories that are just perfect. Having heard about the brand and it’s prestigious image, I felt quite lucky when I got hold of the LUXA2 BT-X3 Bluetooth headset. But as always, I have reviewed it from a neutral sort of mind.

Box Pack

BTX3 Box Pack

When it comes to boxing products the right way LUXA2 can never go wrong. The LUXA2 BT-X3 was packed neatly in a premium looking box. Inside the box, I found the headsets, a USB cable(to charge the headset), and a manual. Overall, the headphones ship with all the essential stuff. Although if they could have thrown in extra ear plugs it would have been better, but you can’t get everything in life !

BTX3 Box

Setting Up the Device

In the Box

The initial set-up of the BTX3 is super easy. Just hold the power button for around 8 seconds and then connect the headset to your device. Now that’s what I call simple. The process of setting up the headphones was mentioned in the manual with illustrations, and believe me, even a 5 year old child would be able to set it up.

Bluetooth Headset Box


Initial Experience

LUXA2 BT-X3 in Close Up

When you wear the headset for the first time, you enter a new world ! The sound quality of the headphones is just awesome, and not only that, but the highest level of sound is just perfect, it’s neither too high to burst open your ear, and nor too low. For me, the comfort level of the headset was just perfect. They reduced the outside noise, and were cushioned nicely so for once my ears felt like there was no headset at all, just pleasant music !

Sound Quality

Good build quality.

Most of the headsets I have tried till now work well for a few days and after that, the sound quality sort of deteriorates. But the LUXA2 BT-X3 were not like that. The sound quality was pretty nice from day one, and it is still nice. But yes, if you are fond of fast songs with drum beats and all, then the headsets might not be that superb, but just good. Although I am very critical about sound quality, I guess the BT-X3 deserve a thumbs up from my side.

Comfort Level

Comfort of the headphones

Here’s something that truly impressed me, the comfort of the headset. The BTX3 was one of the most comfortable headsets I have ever wore, and with amazing noise reduction, I quickly grew fond of it. The headsets are extendable, and I gave it to a couple of friends with long faces, and it fitted all of them.

Design and Build

BTX3 headphones quality

The headsets come in 3 colours namely red, black and white. I had the red one, and it is quite fashionable. The BTX3 look really nice, and are truly the headsets to flaunt. The build quality of the headsets was nice too, but one major flaw in my opinion was that the button placement for different things like next track and attending calls was not right. With that I mean that it takes some time to get used to the placement of the buttons and then you are good to go ! One major flaw that I found in the headset was the proprietary charger. The device uses a proprietary port to charge, which makes it work only with the provided cable. Although this is not much of an issue, but if the cable get’s lost, then you know what’ll happen !

Final Take

If you take my word, I’ll say that LUXA2 has truly lived up to it’s name with the BT-X3. with just about everything right in the headset, they are truly the headsets to own. Although the price of $89 is not less, but if you can afford the price, then these are the headphones to go for.

Thermaltake LUXA2 BT-X3 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Review
Box Pack91%
Accessories Included87%
Sound Quality92%
The Pros
  • Too Comfortable.
  • Nice sound quality.
  • Amazing noise reduction.
The Cons
  • A bit expensive.
  • Takes time to get used to button placement.
90%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (4 Votes)

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  1. Anonymous

    I have bought the headset, and it is worth every penny. The look of it is premium, and the overall quality is superb. They are pretty comfortable on the ear, but maybe, I don’t like the red color. So go for another color.


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