Music is an integral part of everyone’s life, be it rock or soft. Whether you are a casual music lover or a pro, you simply must be familiar with the name Sherwood. For those who don’t know, Sherwood is a company that manufactures CD players and audio speakers. Founded in Chicago in 1953, Sherwood is a pioneer name in the field of music. Recently, Sherwood had launched the EXM-50, a music speaker that comes with it’s own iOS and Android app. The app let’s you connect your mobile or tablet to the speaker, and control what it’s playing. It even let’s you play music off your mobile via bluetooth, interesting isn’t it?

Box Pack

Excape EXM-50 Box Pack

The Excape EXM-50 ships in an attractive looking box pack. The box pack has the specifications mentioned neatly along the sides, along with a neat image of the Sherwood EXM-50. Inside the box, you can find the speaker, a FM antenna, an adaptor, remote, user manual and even a pair of batteries to power the remote.

The remote that comes with the speaker let’s you control the volume, source of the music, power button, buttons to change channels, pause button, sleep button, repeat button, and equalizer buttons, so overall, it allows you to control the complete audio of the speaker. It has a sleek look in it, and there is a neat Sherwood logo at the bottom of the remote.

The user manual that came with the Sherwood Excape EXM-50 was written in simple English, and was pretty easy to understand. Although the EXM-50 supports AUX, but still, Sherwood hasn’t provided an AUX cable, which is surprising. But still, other than that, the box does include all the essential stuff.

Build Quality

The first impressions of the Sherwood EXM-50 are just, well, amazing. The EXM-50 has a neat white look in it, which looks great to the eyes, and blended well with the look of my rack. The EXM-50 looks a spectacular piece of hardware, which is sort of designed like a long cuboid. The speakers have a neat pattern and run along the front side of the EXM-50. The control buttons are on the top, while there is a neat hanger sort of thing on the right end side.

Sherwood Excape EXM-50 Review

The top buttons include a button for power, one for input, volume buttons, and a mute button. Another notable feature of the speaker is that there are 3 LED lights on the top, that indicate power, input function, and bluetooth connectivity. The buttons are pretty neat looking and are made of some silicon like thing, that feels good to press.

Although I found the overall design of the product to be awesome but honestly, I didn’t find the concept of hanging the speaker a great idea. The EXM-50 is designed in such a manner that if you were to hang it then the speaker ends up on the back, while it should be the other way round. But still, if you were to use it in a tent, I think it will work well for you.

Excape EXM50

The speaker can be kept in two ways, vertically and horizontally. The back side of the Sherwood EXM-50 houses the power in, an AUX in slot, USB slot, and a slot to connect the FM antenna. These ports are properly protected by a rubber covering. Interestingly, the Sherwood EXM-50 can also be powered by a set of batteries instead of connecting it to an AC adaptor. This feature of the speaker can be used while you are out in the wild, while you are camping.

Sherwood EXM50 Back


The overall usage of the Sherwood Excape EXM-50 is pretty straight-forward, and very easy. Even a small child will be able to operate it properly without breaking a sweat. When you first connect the speaker to a power source, the power LED turns red. On pressing the power button, it blinks a few times, before finally the speaker turns on. While the speaker is on, the LED light is off. Although I didn’t understand the concept of the light being on while the speaker is off, and the other way round. But well, it just takes some getting used to and after that its a breeze.

Excape EXM-50 price

The Sherwood EXM-50 accepts audio input in four ways, namely Bluetooth, USB, FM radio, and AUX. The AUX feature and Bluetooth feature are automatically turned on when you connect the speaker to a mobile, while the FM and USB can be toggled with the input button, or the remote. While using FM radio, the LED indicator is green, while when using USB, it turns yellow.

Turning the volume up and down was also very straight-forward in the speaker. Interestingly, the EXM-50 supports 3D sound, and flat sound. At low sound, this doesn’t affect the overall sound quality, but I tested it on high volume while watching an action film, and it did make a difference for the good. This mode can be toggled via the remote or the bluetooth app.


The FM radio feature of the Excape EXM-50 is a real deal maker. The speaker has the feature to store radio stations so that you don’t have to tune again and again. This really saves time, and with the remote, you can control the FM from just about anywhere in the room. The Sherwood Excape EXM-50 can store 6 FM stations in one band, and it supports 3 bands in all, so it can store a total of 18 stations, which should be sufficient for all.

To set the FM stations, you have to connect the speaker to your mobile via the iOS or Android app, and then you can simply save the stations by tuning in to one, and dragging it to one of the slots.

Remote of the Sherwood EXM-50 is designed really well. It fits perfectly in your hand, and has all the essential features to control the speaker. Although I found that the speaker didn’t catch the signal at some angles, but it works well is you keep the remote level with the speaker.

Audio Performance

The audio of the Sherwood Excape EXM-50 is just superb. One thing I really like is that the audio is not too heavy nor to light. You can play both soft and rock sounds on the speakers and still the audio will seem top class.  Although at a low volume, there are less volume levels, and turning the volume down makes the sound too low, while turning it up makes it too high. But, it’s something that I am ready to compromise with.

EXM-50 Power Adaptor

The sound of the Excape EXM-50 is great especially when you are playing it at the highest level. The sound is precise, something which most speakers fail to deliver, even when the volume is high. The 3D mode of the speaker is not that audible when the volume is less, but once you turn it up, it really makes the sound 3D like.

The FM antenna that ships with the Sherwood EXM-50 is good, and the FM reception is quite nice. The sound is sharp, and the bass is perfect, at least for me.

iOS and Android Application

An interesting feature of the EXM-5o is that it comes with it’s own iOS and Android app. This app let’s you control all the functions of the speaker, including the volume, audio source, and even the equalizer. Another great feature of the Bluetooth app of the speaker is that it allows you to set a sleep timer.

I found the app listed on both the Apple App Store, and Google Play. I tested it on my iPad, and downloaded it from the App Store. As per the user manual, you first have to connect the speaker to your iPad via the usual Bluetooth settings menu in the iPad. I did that and opened the EXM-50 app. For a few seconds the app displayed a connecting to device dialog box, after which the home screen of the app opened.

EXM-50 iOS and Android app

The design of the app is pretty neat. On the home screen, there are tabs for music library, USB host, FM tuner, AUX In, Settings, and Sleep. Along the right side of the screen is the volume control, that allows you to change the volume of the speaker easily.

Wrap Up

To wrap it all up, I will just say that the Sherwood EXM-50 does everything that you would expect from a Bluetooth speaker to do. With it’s own iOS and Android app, and a neat remote it allows you to control the speaker from wherever you are. The audio and the sound quality of the speaker is amazing, and pretty sharp. Although price might be a deciding point if you are looking to buy a bluetooth speaker, but if you want real quality, at $88, the Sherwood EXM-50 seems a good buy.


Sherwood Excape EXM-50 Review
Box Pack84%
Build Quality85%
Sound Quality92%
iOS and Android App91%
The Pros
  • Neat design.
  • Amazing sound quality.
  • Remote works great.
The Cons
  • Odd position of the hanger.
  • A bit Expensive.
88%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (6 Votes)

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  1. Kellie

    Who listens to FM radios now a days ?? All my music is online! 🙂 But still the Bluetooth support seems a nice feature of the Exm 50. And well the review is nice,..

  2. Freak

    Now this is what I call a review… I had checked the review of this speaker on about 2 other website and they just talked nonsense. This is the first real review of the Sherwood Exm-50. Nice!


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