If you have ever bought a case for your gadget, then you simply must be familiar with OtterBox. Unlike the simple bumper and back cases that are famous and come for variety of devices, OtterBox has changed the standard of covering our gadgets, just like Apple had changed the standard of mobiles. Recently, OtterBox had unveiled the OtterBox Kindle Paperwhite Defender Case. Here our our impressions of the product.

Box Pack

The OtterBox Kindle Paperwhite Defender case comes in a very simple box that is made completely of plastic and paper. The retail box is simple to open, but yet looks beautiful to look at. Inside the box you can find the Kindle Paperwhite Defender case, a user manual, and a screen guard kit that includes the screen guard, a cloth to clean the screen, and a card to ward off the air bubbles. Overall, the retail box of the OtterBox Kindle Paperwhite case is really simple.



I don’t know, maybe I have forgotten English or the guys over at OtterBox have. The user manual that came with the OtterBox Kindle Paperwhite Defender Case was really like in some foreign language to me(even though it was written in English). It was as difficult to understand as Quantum Mechanics(forget this part if you don’t know what Quantum Mechanics is, bless you if you don’t!). And frankly installing the OtterBox Defender case on the Kindle Paperwhite was no child’s play, and I wasted at least 30 minutes of my precious time trying to wangle in the case on the Paperwhite. But that was because I was using force and not my brain.

Installing the Defender Case

But after sometime, as if propelled by an imaginary force, I did a Google search, and that’s what solved my problem. The installation is fairly simple, but you need to understand the structure of the OtterBox Kindle Paperwhite Defender Case first. There is a video on YouTube by OtterBox, that made the process of installation very easy. You can install the case very easily with the help of that video. Basically, the case has an outer silicon case, which has to be removed first before you can install the real case. To remove the silicon case, you can simply peel it off from bottom, where there is slot for microUSB port.

Tip: Please watch this YouTube video prepared by OtterBox team. The video has been very well prepared by the OtterBox team, and once you watch it, it is fairly easy to install the case.

Build Quality

OtterBox Defender Case

One thing that I have always liked about OtterBox is that they never compromise on the build quality, and the OtterBox Kindle Paperwhite Defender Case is no exception. The build quality of the Defender case for the Kindle Paperwhite is excellent, the case is made completely of silicon, rubber, and plastic. At the base of the case is special protection that protects the back of the Kindle from getting scratched, while the outer cover is really sturdy and protects it from drops.

The back of the case has a neat logo of OtterBox printed at the center. The outer case which is made of silicon makes it much easier to hold the Kindle Paperwhite, while you are reading the book, as it provides some friction so that you can hold it properly, and at the same time, it feels good to hold.

There are properly placed gaps like the microUSB port, and power button. OtterBox has also left proper space for the notification light of the Kindle Paperwhite, which can be found at the bottom(you’ll know what I am talking about if you own a Kindle Paperwhite). There is also an extra case that covers the screen of the Kindle Paperwhite. This case can be put on the Kindle while you are not using it and can be removed while it’s being used. It’s like a snap on kind of case, that provides the final protection to your Kindle Paperwhite.

While the quality of the case is superb, same can not be said for the screen protector. The screen protector that comes bundled with the case is just not of the quality that we expect to come from OtterBox. And honestly, the screen of the Kindle Paperwhite looks cooler without a screen guard, so I am very happy without it! One thing that I simple love in the Paperwhite’s screen is that it has virtually no glare, but the screen protector that comes with the case makes it look like a screen of tablet. For me, that’s like – “No! Thank You!”

I tried dropping the Kindle Paperwhite from a height of around 4 feet with the case on, and luckily on my part, the Kindle is as new as ever(actually it fell!). So, I must say that the case does provide proper protection to the Kindle Paperwhite, and if it could sustain a drop of 4 feet, I guess if you don’t virtually bang it, that it would live through some normal drops.

UsageUsing the Defender Case as Stand

Whenever I test a case for anything, be it for mobile or for my Kindle, the thing that matters is if I like the device with the case or without it, because that’s the complete purpose of our purchase! And frankly, from the moment I have installed the case on my Kindle, I have not yet felt the urge to remove it. Although the OtterBox Defender case on the Kindle Paperwhite does make the Kindle Paperwhite look bulky, but the pros like great protection just outweigh the cons.

Another great advantage of purchasing the Kindle Paperwhite Defender Case by OtterBox is that it comes with an inbuilt stand. This is particularly helpful if you like to lie and read(like I do!). Simply open the case, and put the Kindle Paperwhite up, no need to hold it anymore. You can make the Kindle Paperwhite stand in two ways, depending on your posture, and believe me it’s a big big plus point.

The snap on case is also a nice addition. You can cover the screen of the Kindle Paperwhite with it while you are not reading a book, and while you are you can simply snap it on the back, or use it as a case.

Final Take

If you want a slim case for the best e-reader out there(that’s Kindle Paperwhite, if you are still wondering!) don’t go for the OtterBox Defender case. But if you want proper protection for your Kindle Paperwhite, and want a complete case, than only the OtterBox Defender case can satisfy your needs, I can vouch for it! At 69$, you get a cool case that not only protects your Kindle completely but also provides a stand with which you can read off the Kindle handsfree. Seriously, what else do you need?

OtterBox Kindle Paperwhite Defender Case Review
Box Pack88%
Build Quality90%
The Pros
  • Really nice build quality.
  • Proper protection.
  • A great in-built stand.
The Cons
  • A little bulky.
  • Kills the slim look of the Kindle Paperwhite.
  • Screen guard is crap.
86%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (8 Votes)

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  1. Anonymous

    I wnt to buy this, bt does it have an in-box screen protector will it protect my kindle properly..

  2. Vikas

    Nice review, thx for it Brahmnoor The thing is that OtterBox is the case if you really want to protect your gadget. I have one for my Note 3 and for my iPhone, and it is just gr8.

  3. Heather Rainey

    I love these, wish I would have bought one for my iPad, its now cracked in 3 places…… Great review


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