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Neq3 is a new entry into web hosting arena, and it aims to be the best premium hosting ever. With hosting plans starting as low as 0.60 euro, it is truly a cheap web hosting. By saying that we don’t mean that is it not good, but is it the best ? This is the question that we will answer along with lot others in our Neq3 Premium Hosting review.

Neq3 Premium Hosting comes in 4 easy plans, namely the Jupiter, Earth, Pluto, and Saturn. The names sound familiar don’t they ? But names don’t matter, what matters in what they deliver, and Neq3 Premium Hosting deliver exactly what they promise.


As I said before, the Neq3 Premium Hosting plans start for as low as 0.60 Euros, which gives you 5GB disk space, and 50GB bandwidth. For small websites or businesses, this plan is perfect, and so is the pricing. Further, for 0.99 Euros you get Earth Plan with 10GB disk space, and 100GB bandwidth.

Then there are some other plans too, including an unlimited everything plan coming for 2.95 euro. Overall, the pricing is cheap, so you get more for cheap.

Neq3 Premium Hosting Review


One of the most important thing of a hosting is support, and Neq3 support guys are right on the mark in this regards. The support is just awesome, and timely. So full marks in this area.


Another worrisome factor of a shared host is speed. But to my surprise, the speed of Neq3 Premium Hosting was even faster than some of the other VPS servers I have tried. The response time for a WordPress site was as low as 0.2 seconds in some cases.


Neq3 Premium Hosting provides 99.9 % uptime guarantee, but actually according to Pingdom, one of my websites hosted on it has shown 100 % uptime. So well, I must say, I have no complaints here.

Auto Installers and Panel

Neq3 Premium Hosting has cPanel, and auto installers for popular CMS, that allows you to install a CMS in a sing click.

Neq3 Premium Hosting Review – Final Take

Overall, I would say that the Neq3 Premium Hosting never disappointed me, and I am more than happy with the quality of hosting they have provided. I chose the Earth plan, and it has worked well for some of my small websites. The only issue I had was that they had downtime for around 5 minutes due to server upgradation, but that was to improve the server so again no complaints.

Finally, in my Neq3 Premium Hosting review I would say that it deserves 5 on 5.

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  1. Anonymous

    Nice review, sir. I think hosting with 99.99 % up time too has downtime of 1 hour in month.


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