Music is like food to ears, without which you simply can’t live. But today, when there are so many companies selling earphones, picking up a perfect one which fits your need is difficult. But Meze, a premium headphone manufacturer attempts to solve this problem with the Meze 11 Deco. The Meze 11 are the earphones that have been designed for those who are looking for a simple, yet beautiful looking earphone. The Meze 11 Deco have been designed with an elegant handcrafted beech wood, that not only give it a stylish look, but also give it the feel of premium earphones.

Box Pack

Meze Deco 11 Review

The Meze 11 Deco come is a small box that at first didn’t give the premium look. But as it’s rightly said, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, and the same applies for earphones. Once you open the Meze 11 Deco, it’s surprise after surprise. The headphones themselves come packed in a neat EVA case. In the excitement of checking out the Meze 11 Deco, I didn’t spot the extra ear plugs that were supposed to come with it.

But well, it turned out the Meze had took to a more practical approach to pack it’s accessories, and the extra ear plugs, were in a small pocket that seemed to be designed just for this purpose. Although at first I admit that I didn’t like the small box pack of the Meze 11 Deco, but if you look at it, Meze has not only saved the space in your wardrobe but also tells you where to keep what in the case provided along with the earphones!

The front of the box features a neat image of the Meze 11 Deco, and on the top is a translucent logo of Meze. On the back side, the technical specifications of the Deco 11 have been mentioned.

Build Quality

After using these set of earphones for about 2 weeks, one thing that I simply love about them is their solid build quality. The first look of the Meze 11 Deco made me fall in love with them. The white wires and the wooden earphones of the Meze 11, contrast well, and feel great to your eyes. The wires of the earphones are not too thick and nor too thin. Although they are not the flat wires like that in Tylt Tunz, but still they don’t tangle much, and if they do, it’s pretty easy to sort things out.

Wooden Design

The earphones have a complete no-nonsense design in them, that makes them elegant looking. The Meze 11 Deco are completely composed of white wires, and the only design that you can find is in the ear plugs. This straight-forward approach of Meze 11 Deco sets them apart from other earphones that come in variety of colours and design just for the sake of so-called “good design”.

The 3.5mm plug at the end of the earphones is bended to an angle, which allows you to listen to the music easily even when the mobile is in your pocket or on the table. The cable splitter is composed of a substance which looks pretty much like Aluminium. On the top of it is a neat Meze logo. On the left ear cable, these is the call pick/end, and play/pause button, along with the microphone.

Meze Deco 11

It’s very easy to differentiate between the left and right ear plug, as it is clearly mentioned along them. The design of the ear adaptor is what sets the Meze 11 Deco apart from the rest. They are composed of elegant handcrafted beech wood, that gives the earphone a premium look which will make your friends envious.

On the outer side of the ear adaptors, there is a neat Meze logo, while the sides have a neat wooden pattern. The silver colour along with the wooden pattern make the Meze 11 Deco look pretty nice.


One thing that I adore about earphones over bluetooth headphones is that there’s no need to set up anything, it’s simply plug and play! One thing that was missing in the box of the Meze 11 Deco was that it didn’t include a cable to connect it to older mobiles with a different jack arrangement, like the one which came with the Sennheiser CX 275s. But still, that shouldn’t cause any issue as most of the devices today support the standard TRRS arrangement.

I tested the Meze 11 Deco with iPhone 5S, iPod Nano, Samsung Galaxy S4, and even a Samsung Corby, and it connected well to each of them. Although the compatibility issues in these 3.5mm earphones are very less, but it’s always better to check, isn’t it?

The call pick/end button worked well, and was at a convenient distance to press. The ear plugs that come with the Meze 11 Deco shall fit most of you out there, unless you are an alien from Mars(no offence if you are one)

Sound Quality

The speakers of the Meze 11 Deco are 8mm in size, and have 101+/-2dB at 1KHz1mW sensitivity. The sound quality of the Meze 11 Deco was top-notch. Although the Meze 11 Deco did stagger a bit with low-bass notes, and the sound quality deteriorated a bit on low levels, but other than that the sound was just perfect.

The highs were high, and the lows were low, and for the first time, I found the bass to be perfect in a pair of earphones. The vocals also were crystal clear, but at low volumes they did become inaudible over the background music.


The Meze 11 Deco seem fit for any music, be it for rock or soft. The sound was rich in detail, and music with mid and low bass played really well. I recently tested the Sennheiser CX 275s that was priced pretty similar to the Meze 11 Deco, and if I were to choose the best one between them, I would have definitely gone for the Deco 11.

The mic of the earphones was also quite fine. Although not as great as the sound quality of the Deco 11, they do work as they are supposed to. I tested them in a quiet room, and the person at the other end could hear me easily without any issues. But in a noisy room, you’ll have to hold the microphone close to your mouth to properly convey your message.

Wrap Up

The Meze 11 Deco are not just some earphones but they are a complete pack. At $79, you not only get an amazing earphones, but also a great pouch, that can be used as a fashion accessory. So if you have a modern device that doesn’t need a TRRS cable, then the Meze 11 Deco is a perfect earphone for you. As I said in the starting music is like food to ears, and if that is so, Meze 11 Deco is the best Chef out there, at least in this price range. You can buy the Meze 11 from the official Meze website.

Meze 11 Deco Review
Box Pack91%
Build Quality93%
Sound Quality87%
88%Overall Score
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  1. Anonymous

    Wow, the design rocks I will certainly buy them. My iPod earphones are getting worn out. Also the audio is too getting bad. I have noticed that not a single earphone lasts longer than 6 months be it Apple or any company like Phillips.

  2. Canny

    I love the look of the case..I’d buy the case for $88!!! Wish I hadn’t bought the Phillips earphones 🙁

  3. Fred

    Nice review once again Tech Junction team. BTW is this one better than the one that Tech Junction reviewed earlier?

  4. Anonymous

    That seems a pretty amazing headset, but I feel that the wooden design is not that gr8 for me…


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