Following the great expansion of technology over the world, portable batteries and battery packs have become a necessity today. LUXA2 the company behind the award winning BT-X3 Stereo Headphones, has joined the pack by releasing the LUXA2 PL2. LUXA2 boasts that the PL2 is the perfect solution to the users who are looking for a portable battery charger which is fashionable. Wrapped completely in PU leather the PL2 is just the portable battery pack that you’d like to show off to your friends. With a USB slot, you can connect just about any charger, and charger any device, be it your iPad, or your Android mobile.

PL2 Box

The LUXA2 PL2 comes in a neat looking box that is made completely of black paper, but has PL2 written in gold colour, giving it a magnificent look. On the back side of the box the complete specifications of the device are written, along with the list of stuff that comes with the charger. Although the box is nothing out of the blue, but it does come with all the required stuff.

Inside the box, you can find the LUXA2 PL2, a soft carrying pouch, a USB to microUSB cable, and a quick start guide.

Box Contents

When you first hold the PL2, you can say that you have bought the best. The leather covering of the portable battery gives it the premium look that will appeal most the Note 3 users, who like a leather cover. On the front side of the battery pack there are 3 leds that indicate the battery level of your battery pack. There is also a neat logo inscribed at the front side. Along the side of the charger is the power button, while the top of the charger sports the USB port, a flash light and microUSB port.


Along the top and bottom of the charger is a neat stitching that just enhances the look of the PL2. The leather covering of the PL2 eliminates the problem of fingerprints, that was present in the Tylt PowerPlant. Although not the lightest of chargers around, the PL2 is definitely compact, and promises to keep all your devices powered. To make the charger look portable, it doesn’t have an in-built microUSB cable, so you’ll just have to carry a cable along with the charger.

When it comes to design, we definitely like to look of the LUXA2 PL2. But the only drawback that we observed was that it didn’t have a in-built microUSB cable.

Using the PL2

Using the product is super easy, it’s just plug and play. We tried connecting the charger to Samsung Note 3, iPad Air, iPhone 5, and iPod Nano, and it worked across all of them. Charging at 2.1 Amps, the device is capable of charging the iPad once, while it charged the iPhone 5 completely 2 times. A dual charging option is not present in the device, but still the charging speed of the device is pretty nice.

Having said that, we must say that the charger itself is not that fast at getting charged. It took around 5-7 hours to completely charge the device. Although this is not an issue, as you can leave the device to charge overnight. A nice feature of the portable battery is that it automatically cuts out the charging once the device is completely charged, which LUXA2 calls its overcharge prevention technology. This is a nice technology as it prevents overcharging of your device, thus enhancing it’s battery life.

At $66, the PL2 seems a damn good battery pack. Although, it doesn’t come with an in-built microUSB cable. Still with 6000 mAh battery, the portable pack can charge an iPad completely, and with a premium looking leather cover, the PL2 is a nice portable battery pack to consider is you are looking for a nice looking, well built simple portable battery charger.

LUXA2 PL2 Review
Box Pack76%
Accessories Included85%
The Pros
  • Premium looking battery pack.
  • A built-in flashlight to light you up.
  • Fast charging.
The Cons
  • No built-in microUSB cable.
  • No support for dual charging.
85%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (3 Votes)

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