Innovative products are those, which have the same thing that a dozen others have but feature a single extra thing, and that’s what sets them apart from the rest. LUXA2, the company famous for its accessories has once again displayed its innovation with the LUXA2 PL1 fashionable battery pack. Whenever battery packs are mentioned we always think of a dull rectangular box with a USB port, but LUXA2 is here to change that definition. The LUXA2 PL1 is not only your on the go battery pack but it also features a neat fashionable look that will make your friends envious.

The PL1 comes in a neat looking box that is very similar to the box of the LUXA P2. Inside the box you can find the PL1, a USB to microUSB port, a user manual and a leather strip that can be used to hang the battery pack to your bag. The appearance of the LUXA2 PL1 is just, pretty. Wrapped around completely in PU leather, similar to the LUXA2 , the PL1 seems like a small bag which can be hung with your handbag.

The PL1 contains a flap inside which you can find the USB port, microUSB port, and a power button. The flap closes and sticks to the charger which has a magnet in it. The charger also has a LED indicator, that shows different colors to indicate the battery level of the charger.As usual, the build quality of the PL1 is excellent. But, the strap that comes with the charger is not that great. When you tag it around the charger, it seems that the charger will fall, as the strap doesn’t feature any proper buckle system.

USB ports

As I said before, the PL1 is completely wrapped around in PU leather that gives it a premium look. Around the corners of the charger, there is stitching pattern that enhances the beauty of the charger. But the inside of the flap didn’t have leather covering, and thus some dust settled it within 10 minutes. But considering that the strap is supposed to remain closed, I don’t see how it can be a big issue.

The PL1 has 2800mAh power capacity, and has 1Amp power circuit. This makes the PL1 capable of charging the iPhone 5 completely. The PL1 takes around 3-4 hours to charge itself completely, and it was capable of charging the iPhone is another 5 hours. The charging speed is not that great, but if you tag it around your bag, then you can carry the charger around while charging your device, so it will not be a big issue.

Tag on to Bag

LUXA2 has once again got its design right. Meant for the females, the PL1 is perfect if you would like to show off your new gadget to your friends and family. Although the battery capacity of 2800mAh is certainly not massive, but if you are looking for some fancy gadget then the LUXA2 PL1 will certainly suit your needs.

LUXA2 PL1 Review
The LUXA2 PL1 has been designed perfectly. LUXA2 has again got the design right, but the slow charging speed and low battery capacity of the LUXA2 PL1, slightly puts off the deal. But still, if you are one of those fashion geeks than the LUXA2 PL1 will suit you well.
Box Pack83%
Accessories Included91%
Charging Speed80%
The Pros
  • Fashionable and elegant.
  • Strap to tag it with your bag.
The Cons
  • Slow charging speed.
84%Overall Score
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