Technology advances rapidly. Until sometime ago, if you would have told someone about a mobile charger that you can carry in your pocket, he’d think that you’ve gone nuts. But today, portable chargers have become a necessity. But that’s not all, technology has moved so fast, that now you can attach a mobile charger to your device. LUXA2 P3 is one such power bank, that snaps onto the iPhone 5, and gives you power when you need it. Built with simplicity in mind, the LUXA2 P3 is made completely of aluminium, and has 2500 mAh battery that can efficiently charge up your iPhone 5 up to 1.5 times.


Providing power on demand, the LUXA2 has dimensions of 126x60x10mm. Weighing just 79 grams, the product came nicely packed in a black box, that had the features of the battery pack listed on the front side, while the back side of the box had the complete product specifications.

Inside the box, there was the LUXA2 P3, fixed in the iPhone 5 snap-on case, product quick start guide, and a microUSB cable in a cable organizer.

P3 Box Contents

The iPhone 5 snap-on case fitted the iPhone perfectly. Although fitting the power bank on the iPhone does make it a bit heavy and a lot thick, but if it’s still pretty comfortable to hold the iPhone. One major advantage of the LUXA2 P3 is that the power bank, and the snap on case are both different. So you can literally use the power bank separately, as a simple portable battery. At first, we thought that the look of the iPhone 5 might get worse when the power bank is attached to it, but the aluminum back of the P3 does it’s job, and doesn’t spoil the look of the device.

The microUSB cable that came with the power bank seems to be of decent quality. But seriously, in an iPhone 5 portable charger, what’s the point of not providing an in-built lightning charger ? But well, because of some reason know to them, there is no lighting cable provided alongside the LUXA2 P3.

Build quality

The design of the product is really very simple, and is something that we liked. Unlike complicated products, the charger has all the slots on the bottom. The side of the charger houses the power button. At the bottom is the USB slot, microUSB slot, and 4 LEDs that indicate the battery level of the charger. On the front side, there is a neat LUXA2 logo printed in white. The design of the LUXA2 P3 is pretty different from the LUXA2 PL2, that we reviewed sometime back. But considering that it is meant to be a snap-on case, the slim design of P3 is the best we have seen.

Unlike Tylt PowerPlant, the LUXA2 P3 doesn’t support dual charging. One thing that was a pleasent surprise to us was that the aluminium cover of the portable battery didn’t attract fingerprints. Unless your fingers are drenching with oil, the P3 doesn’t attract even a single print.

Power Bank

The LUXA2 P3 charges at the rate of 1Amp. This slows down the speed of charging of the device, but as the case us attachable to your iPhone, this is not much of an issue. The portable battery back itself takes around 4-5 hours to charge completely. Overall, the charging of the device from LUXA2 P3 is certainly slower due to the 1 Amp circuit, but still, it snaps-on to the iPhone 5, so you can carry it around, where you want to.

If you have an iPhone 5, and would like to have some external battery to keep with it, LUXA2 P3 can do the job wonderfully. Priced at $44, the P3 is a really very innovative product, that can help keep your iPhone 5 powered for long. The only major drawback is that it doesn’t come with an lighting cable, so if you have a cable lying around, go buy a LUXA2 P3, and you won’t regret it.

LUXA2 P3 Review
Box Pack89%
Accessories Included93%
The Pros
  • Premium Aluminium Body.
  • Can be used as a stand alone battery pack.
The Cons
  • Lighting cable not included.
  • Slow charging.
88%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (3 Votes)

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  1. Jonnie

    Nice portable battery. Bought it last month. Till now it has not caused any problem. But yes, the iPhone does become more heavy after you install it.

    As for the review, it is very honest, that’s what I like abt Tech Junction, keep it up !


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