LUXA2 is one of the leading accessories manufacturers. The thing that attract us to LUXA2 products is the decent build quality, and the awesome design of the products. The LUXA2 P2 is another product that has a typical LUXA2 design in it. The P2 from LUXA2 seems just a stripped version of the LUXA2 PL1 Pro that we reviewed earlier this month. It has 5000 mAh battery, and has a sleek aluminium body. The P2 charges the devices with its 1 Amp circuit, and it weighs only 159g.


The P2 portable battery pack comes in the normal LUXA2 box pack. Inside the box, you can find the LUXA2 P2, nicely placed in a plastic support, a user manual, and a USB to microUSB cable. The product comes with all the usual accessories that you’ll expect to come with a portable battery pack, but it also has a small carrying bag, that we particularly liked, as carrying the USB cable and the portable charger is lot easier in it.

The build quality of the LUXA2 P2 is as usual superb. If there is one thing about LUXA2’s products then it’s their build quality, which is always the best. The LUXA2 is made up completely of aluminium body, that gives it a sleek look, and makes it look similar to one of those iPod Touches.

Box Contents

There is one LED indicator in the portable battery pack, which gives 3 lights, to show the battery level of the device. Along with the LED indicator is the power button that can be used to turn on, and off the charger.

The appearance of the LUXA2 P2 is very similar to that of the LUXA2 P3, but it’s a little heavier as it packs more power. Along the side of the portable battery pack, you can find the USB and microUSB ports. There is only one USB port, so the charger doesn’t support dual charging.

LUXA2 P2 took around 7-8 hours to get charged itself, and it charged the iPhone 5 in another 5-6 hours from nil. The charging speed of the device is certainly on the low side, which is because it has 1 Amp output, and only 0.8 Amp input. But the sleek look of the portable charger, actually makes up for it. The slow charging speed is not that much of a problem though, as carrying the charger around is quite comfortable.

The LUXA2 is just 9mm thick.  As the product features a USB slot, so you can connect virtually any mobile with it, as far as you have a USB cable with you. The carrying pouch of the device makes it much more comfortable to carry it around with you. The aluminium body of the device has been designed in such a manner that it repels fingerprints, so for those clean geeks, the LUXA2 P2 is the perfect portable charger.

Overall, if you are one of those people who like products designed like the iPhone, and the iPad, than the LUXA2 P2 is built just for you. It has the perfect build quality, the perfect design, and above all looks very premium. But on the downside, the charging speed of the charger is not that awesome, and it has only one USB port. But still, if you want to charge a single device at a time, and if you are a stylish sort of guy(or girl) then go buy the LUXA2 P2.

LUXA2 P2 Review
Box Pack82%
Accessories Included77%
Charging Speed74%
Build Quality91%
The Pros
  • Amazing build quality.
  • Nice Aluminum body, that repels fingerprints.
The Cons
  • Slow charging speed.
  • A single USB port.
83%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (10 Votes)

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