There’s no denying it, in today’s world, portable battery packs are definitely something essential, and nothing less than what mobiles were sometime ago. But you can’t carry a delicate sort of portable battery everywhere, be it when you are travelling or when you are hiking. What if it fell ? What if something heavy was put on it ? and the list goes on. Thus, for travel buffs, a real sturdy portable battery is the requirement. But who wants to have a dull looking portable battery ? Nah, no one ! But, who said that sturdy means dull ? LUXA2 is here to change that with its LUXA2 P1 Pro, the fashionable-cum-durable battery pack.

P1 Pro

Packing 7000 mAh battery in its slim body of 131x85x21mm, the LUXA2 P1 Pro comes with dual charging option, a feature that was missing in the LUXA PL2, and LUXA P3.

The LUXA2 P1 Pro ships in a good looking black box, that is very much similar to the box pack of the other LUXA products. Inside the box you can find the P1 Pro Power Bank, a Quick Start Guide, USB to microUSB cable, and a carrying pouch.

LUXA2 P1 Pro Box Contents

The first appearance of the LUXA2 P1 Pro tells you why it is called durable. With a removable rubber bumper kind of thing, the LUXA2 P1 Pro seems fit for anything. The rubber bumper of the battery pack covers all the four sides of the P1 Pro, and has extra protection on the ends or vertices, which are the most vulnerable to crack. Composed completely of silicon and plastic the LUXA2 P1 Pro seems pretty similar to the iPhone or iPad.

Charging the iPad

On the front side of the portable battery pack, there is a nice looking round power button. On the left side of this button are 3 lights that indicate the battery level of the device. On the bottom of the P1 Pro are 3 ports, namely the USB port, microUSB port and another USB port. As we pointed out earlier, the LUXA2 P1 Pro does support dual charging, which is a real advantage of the device.

Dual Charging

But, one USB port is of 2.1 Amp while the other is of only 1 Amp. This will significantly affect the charging speed, but you can always use the 2.1 Amp port for fast charging. Using the LUXA2 P1 Pro is quite easy, you just need to plug in the cables, and press the power button. Although in other LUXA2 portable battery packs, the charging started automatically, the P1 Pro seems to lack that feature.

P1 Pro USB Ports

The 2.1 Amp port really does wonders to the speed of charging. The P1 Pro charged the iPhone 5 within 3-4 hours, which is one of the best we have recorded, at least till now. On a complete charge, it could charge the iPhone 5 upto 3 times. As for the iPad, it charged it within around 8-10 hours, and it was able to charge it completely. The portable charger itself charged completely in 9 hours, which is good, considering its big battery capacity.

As far as the durability of the product is concerned, it is quite an adaptive power pack. Once you remove the rubber protection, you have a nice looking power pack, and once you fit it, you have a rugged looking product. The ruggedness is not just in looks, we dropped the product from a height of 5m and 10m and it sustained both the drops. The rubber protection seems to be designed in such a manner that it falls always on that, so the main charger doesn’t even get a scratch.

Although we tried very hard to find a disadvantage of the product, but the effort was in vain, the LUXA2 P1 Pro just seemed perfect. But still, after spending sometime with the P1 Pro, we could only find two disadvantages, firstly the battery indicator lights have only one colour, that is blue, a red or green colour, when the battery is too low might have been better. Secondly, only 1 port of the two USB ports has 2.1 Amp circuit, so charging is bit slower on the other ports.

But, seriously we literally had to find disadvantages in the product, and if you want a durable, rugged battery pack then the LUXA2 P1 Pro will suite you well. So if you are going hiking on the Alps, or even exploring the Grand Canyon, go grab the P1 Pro !

LUXA2 P1 Pro Review
Box Pack83%
Accessories Included92%
The Pros
  • Amazing performance.
  • Nice rugged rubber protection.
  • Gorgeous looking product.
The Cons
  • 2.1 Amp connection on only 1 USB port.
90%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (5 Votes)

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