Kobo had recently unveiled 3 e-readers in India, namely the Kobo Touch, Kobo Aura HD and Kobo Glo. The Kobo touch, if you don’t know is the Kindle Touch counterpart of Kobo. Although Kindle does dominate the e-reader market, the Kobo devices are not too far behind. The Kobo touch features 2GB internal memory, a 6 inch e-ink pearl screen, and ships with build-in WiFi.

Box Pack

Kobo Touch Box Pack

We recently did a complete unboxing review of the Kobo Touch, go check that out if you’ll like to see how the box looks like. Overall, we found the product to be well boxed. Inside the box there was the Kobo Touch on the top, below that was the product manual, along with a warranty card. Then there was another box that housed the microUSB cable.


Kobo Touch review

The Kobo Touch has been designed to impress. It has just the right design that an e-reader must have. It is slim, and light, and with it, it also has a sturdy feel in it, what else can you ask for ?

The Kobo Touch weighs around 180g, but when you are holding, it just feels lighter than a book. Made completely of some soft type of plastic, the device is quite a delight to hold. The back side of the Kobo Touch is matted with a pattern of some sort. I first thought that it will hamper my experience with the device but on the contrary, holding the Kobo was more fun than ever. The matted back kind of made it easier to hold the device.

I myself own a Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2013 and believe me the Kobo Touch’s build quality makes me jealous of those who own a Kobo Touch.

Setting up the Kobo Touch is pretty easy, you just have to select your language and make a Kobo account and you are good to go.

The home screen of Kobo Touch is pretty similar to that of the Kindle Paperwhite. It depends entirely on the covers of the books for the design. Although the design of the home screen of Kobo Touch looks much more better than that of Paperwhite, in my opinion the Kindle has a more organised sort of look.

The interface of the device is pretty smooth but the browser was a bit buggy. Typing on the device was smooth, almost as smooth as on a normal touch device. Turning pages on Kobo was also smooth, although, once or twice, it took around 1-2 seconds to change the page.

Coming back to the browser, if you want to access just some information, like on Google or Wikipedia, it works great, but if you want to check you Facebook or Twitter status, than it lags a lot.


Kobo Touch Screen
kobo Touch features e-ink screen, that gives you the most paper like experience. The screen of the e-reader was quite sharp. I tried some comic books, and all the images were very precise. Although the contrast level of the screen was not that great. But that is visible only when you view an image or a comic, in normal reading, the device is the best you can get.

As it is an e-ink screen, reading in daylight is pretty comfortable. There was almost no glare, even in the brightest of lights.

Reading Experience
Reading a book on the Kobo Touch is a real joy. The device’s light weight, combined with the crisp text makes you feel that you are reading from a real book. Kobo supports all major e-book formats including PDF, and EPUB. This is a real advantage of the device, as you don’t have to convert your books to a supported format before reading, Just copy, paste, and read !

The Kobo Touch has many options for different text sizes, fonts, and margins. While reading the book you can check the time, and your progress in the book.


Kobo Build Quality

If you are an avid reader, then battery is something that matters a lot, and the Kobo Touch doesn’t disappoint. With an e-ink display, the battery usage is greatly reduced, and battery is used only to change the display. This gives the Kobo a great battery life. While using the device with WiFi on, I noticed that the battery lasted for around 2-3 days. Each day the device was used rigorously for testing, for around 3-4 hours daily.

With WiFi off, the Kobo lasts around 10-15 days on a single charge, taking an average of 40 minutes reading everyday. So overall, if battery life is an area of concern, the Kobo Touch doesn’t disappoint.

Final Take

If you want an affordable device for reading, then the Kobo Touch will suite your needs really well. But the Kobo bookstore isn’t so great, so you might have to take the trouble of purchasing books from other stores and then transferring them to your Kobo. But if a light weight and well build e-reader is something you need than Kobo Touch is designed just for you.

Kobo Touch Indian Edition Review
Box Pack87%
The Pros
  • Nice screen.
  • Good build quality.
  • Well matted back cover.
The Cons
  • Lacks on features.
  • Kobo books store is just okay,
89%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (5 Votes)

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  1. vinay patil

    Hi, Could you please make a comparison review of popular e-book readers available in India..Thanks

      • Sachin Antony

        Brahmnoor I am great.its wonderful that a school boy like you are such a successful blogger.my friend asked me to suggest a good performance phone for about 22k.I told him that I will tell him after asking you.can you suggest a phone for him.he is little bit conscious about brands please consider that too.

  2. Sachin Antony

    seems to be good but I dont think it really raises a competition to the amazon kindles

  3. Tusar

    Sir, i was thinking of going for kindle, nw ur review has confused me, u say kobo is good, i am a true fan of tech junction, so i am taking ur word, but i can’t find kobo service in india, please tell me if it is good or not ?? i will belive you..pls reply


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