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Gionee mobiles recently launched the Gionee GPad G2 in India. The Gionee GPad G2 runs on 1.2GHz quad-core processor, and looks a really good phablet in the low cost market. Gionee GPad G2 features 5.3 inch touch screen. The device runs on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean OS. The handset was launched just some time ago and now we have reviewed in. So see the Gionee GPad G2 review now to find if the Gionee GPad G2 is worth buying or not.

The Gionee GPad G2 comes in India at a price tag of Rs. 13990 and it looks a good device as per its specifications. It will be up against the Micromax Canvas HD and Xolo Q800 in the market.

Box Pack

The Gionee GPad G2 comes in a good box pack. The box pack looks good and feels very premium. In the box pack, along with the Gionee GPad G2 you also get earphones, micro USB, adaptor, manual, warranty card, free flip case and screen guard. The screen guard fitted the device perfectly, and the flip case was also very good.

Gionee GPad G2 Design and Build

The Gionee GPad G2 has been built really well, and it gives a premium feel in the hands. It has 5.3 inch screen size that gives it a very grand look. It has 3 soft buttons on the front side.

Gionee GPad G2 has front camera neatly placed on the front side. On the back side the handset has 8MP camera along with flash. It also has Gionee neatly written horizontally on the back side.

Display and Touch Screen

Gionee GPad G2 has 5.3 inch screen with 960×540 pixels display that gives a really good picture quality. The pictures were sharp and as good on any other device. The Gionee GPad G2 has 960×540 pixels display which we thought will give a bad quality, but the picture are really sharp with almost no problems. The touch also worked really fine. The handset doesn’t give a bad impression of a Chinese handset, but on contrary it looks very premium.

Memory and Storage

The Gionee GPad G2 has 16GB internal memory along with 1GB RAM. Around 13GB internal memory was available for the user, and in RAM around 650MB memory was free for the user.

In memory the Gionee GPad G2 is really good and in 16GB you can have a really large collection on games on the device at one time.

Gionee GPad G2 Unboxing

Processor and Performance

The Gionee GPad G2 runs on 1.2GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6589 processor along with PowerVR SGX544 GPU. The performance on the device was really good, and similar to the Micromax Canvas HD. The Gionee GPad G2 was able to run big games like the GTA 3, NOVA 3 and the Need For Speed Most Wanted smoothly.

It has 1GB RAM, so there was almost no problem in multi-tasking, but there were some lags in the UI if too many applications were running simultaneously.

In benchmarking the device performed similar to the Xolo Q800 and Micromax Canvas HD.


The Gionee GPad G2 has 8MP rear facing camera with LED flash and auto focus. The rear camera works really upto the mark. In low light we did face some issues in capturing the images, but in most of the cases the images were really good.

It also has 2MP front facing camera. The front camera works good, but it gives a little dark images. The front camera was completely compatible with Skype.

Battery Life

In battery, the Gionee GPad G2 has 3000 mAh battery. For a 5.3 inch device the 3000 mAh battery is a must, and it performs up to the mark in battery backup. It provided around 4 hours of continuous usage of the battery while browsing, gaming, capturing pictures and testing out the handset.

The battery lasted for around 2 days on normal usage, so in the Gionee GPad G2 you don’t need to worry about the battery.

UI and Interface

The Gionee GPad G2 has a customized Android UI. The UI may attract some and feel ugly to others, but it definitely is not better over the original Android UI. It would have been better to have the original Android UI, but leave it over to Gionee to spoil things.

Other than this, the interface is really good and neat, and doesn’t have too much lag.
Gionee GPad G2 Build Quality

Final Take

The Gionee GPad G2 really performed up to the mark, and seems to be a really good competitor to device with big screen like the Micromax Canvas HD. The only thing that will hold you back will be the company Gionee and its after-sales service, and as I have not yet claimed warranty I can’t comment on it, but I doubt it will be good.

So if you can risk it, go for the Gionee GPad G2 or else just let it pass. Comment below to let us know what you think about the Gionee GPad G2. Over to you !

30 Responses

  1. mahmud

    pls enlight me more on g2 cos i am confuse either to go for g3 pls suggest 4me.Others said it com wit 16g internal mem while some said it is 4g and come wit 16g sd slot.

    • Brahmnoor Singh Chawla

      Hi Harshit !

      Hope you are well. I’ll suggest Gionee, as it has the best build quality. But certainly, the service of Xolo is better, so it actually depends on your choice.

      For the best build and performance in this range GPad G2 is a good choice.

  2. Anonymous

    u r really nice in respondin to pple. Tanks 4 makin alot of tins clear abt d gpad 2. I tink i ll go 4 it. Bt pls dream d1 n gpad 2 which is more better interms of build quality.

    • Brahmnoor Singh Chawla

      Hi !

      Thanks a lot for your kind response.

      I suggest you to go for GPad G2, reason being that it has better screen. Also, the build quality of both the devices is almost same.

  3. Anonymous

    How much after sales service was needed when u purchesed it till now?

  4. Anonymous

    Should i go wid the gionee? ? I think its a great device on paper…
    Plz tell me are there any strong cons against it..
    And compared to mmx canvas hd…. Is it good..leaving the screen difference???


    • Brahmnoor Singh Chawla

      Hi Rohaq !

      I suggest you to go with Gionee, only if you have faith in Gionee, that is a Chinese brand.

      Compared to MMX Canvas HD, it has many pros like –

      1. 3000 mAh battery.
      2. 16GB internal memory.
      3. Performance is similar to Canvas HD.

      So buying Gionee GPad G2 will be a great option. The only problem would be in after sales service, and that is the only con.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Brahmnoor, I want to buy a good smartphone under rs 15000 but a little confused between celkon a119q, micromax a116hd and a few more like spice steller pinnacle.so please adise.waiting for your reply.As celkon a119q is a powerful devise with great rear camera.

    • Brahmnoor Singh Chawla

      Hi !

      In camera quality there is not much diffrence b/w MMX Canvas HD, and Celkon, even though one has 8MP camera and other 12MP.

      I suggest you to go for Micromax Canvas HD, as with the new update, it has become even more smoother, and now runs on Android 4.2.

  6. Shanker

    Brother Please Post Sample Images & Sample Video … For 5.3 Inches 960×540 pixels This much resolution is good ?

  7. Anonymous

    Wow great review ! The Gionee GPad G2 looks good with 5.3 inch screen.


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