STM Bags is a company which is renowned for its high quality bags. Recently, it had launched the STM Impulse laptop bags that promised to hold all your technological luggage, like your tablet, mobile, and as the name suggests, the laptop. At Tech Junction, we finally got hold of the STM Impulse and here’s our impressions about the product.

The first look of the STM Impulse tells you that it has been designed to perfection. Ment for the professionals, and office goers, the Impulse medium laptop bag features a very professional look. Although the bag is very simple looking but yet it has an elegance in itself. The complete design of the Impulse BackPack suggests that if you want it for office, then it is just perfect for you. But I doubt if the same can be said if you are a creative sort of person, and like colourful stuff.

The Backpack comes in two colour variants namely black, and gray. Although there are not many colour options available, but well you can’t carry a colourful red laptop bag everywhere, or can you ?

There are a total of 4 main segments of the bag. The main part of the bag has special places where you can fit in your laptop, and tablet. These are very well protected so your tablet or laptop will not be affected if you bang your bag, or drop it.

The back side of the bag is very hard, which gives it a real strong feel. This hard material is just beneath the slots for your laptop, and tablet, and thus it protects them well. The straps of the bag were quite nice, they were nicely cushioned, so as to give more comfort while wearing the bag.

The back side of the bag too had cushions on it that really made the experience of wearing the bag a lot more better. Overall, the complete quality of the STM Impulse Backpack was quite impressive.


But yes, the Backpack is not quite as spacious as we would have liked it to be. The hardback of the STM Impulse Medium makes it less spacious, but still for carrying a laptop bag, and a few electronics around, the bag is quite good. As for now, these were our initial impressions of the bag. For the complete review of the STM Bags Impulse, stay tuned to Tech Junction.

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  1. Prateem

    Thanks for Nice Review. Planning to buy laptop bag. What’s the cost of this Bag and warranty terms.

  2. Sachin Antony

    Happu to see that you give us reviews about all needed accesories along with the latest gadgets.keep up the good work brahmnoor


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