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Lava mobiles recently launched their latest flagship device, the Xolo Q700. The Xolo Q700 has been priced in the Indian market at Rs. 9999, a safe bet with the specifications it packs. But is it worth this price ? With MediaTek quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS, the answer would be yes. But we take a look at the reality, in our Xolo Q700 review. So read on our Xolo Q700 review to know whether to buy this device or not.

The Xolo Q700 comes with almost identical looks as the Xolo Q800. In fact, there doesn’t seem any major difference between the two devices other than some software improvements in the Xolo Q700.

Box Pack

Xolo Q700 Review

Xolo Q700 Review

Xolo Q700 comes with standard accessories, including ear plugs, microUSB, 2 pin charger, the handset, battery, quick start guide, safety, warranty, and legal guide. Along with these I was pleased to find a screen guard that fitted the screen of Xolo Q700 perfectly.

Build Quality

Xolo Q700 seems to be build to last. It has rugged build that is pretty sturdy, and premium looking. The rear panel has matte-finish texture, and the front panel is made up of protective glass frame.

Xolo Q700 Build Quality

Xolo Q700 Build Quality

On the right side of the device is power and standby button. On its left side, is the volume rocker. The microUSB is placed conveniently on the top along with the 3.5mm audio jack.

At the rear is the camera with LED flash, and a neat logo. There are also the speakers at the bottom.


Xolo Q700 has 4.5 inch IPS touch screen. The display of the Xolo Q700 is pretty vibrant and nice, it was bright even in bright daylight.

Xolo Q700 Box Contents

Xolo Q700 Box Contents

Memory and Storage

The device comes with 1GB RAM, and 4GB internal memory. As per our testing, the RAM was quite enough for some mild multi tasking. There was around 750MB free RAM available for the user.

With internal memory of 4GB, having a microSD card is a must. With support of installing apps directly on SD card not working, the memory can be a issue on the device.

Processor and Performance

The Xolo Q700 runs on 1.2 GHz quad-core MediaTek  processor with PowerVR SGX544 graphics. The performance is in fact really good, and it manages performance quite similar to the Micromax Canvas 4 in general usage.

There was almost no lags, but sometimes in NOVA 3, there were some lags.

Xolo Q700 Benchmarking

Xolo Q700 Benchmarking


Xolo Q700 has 5MP rear camera, and VGA front camera. The rear camera has LED flash, BSI sensor, and HD video recording support. Overall, the performance of the camera is quite good, but in dark, its horrible.

The front camera too works well, and support video calling via different apps like Skype et cetera.

Xolo Q700 Side View

Xolo Q700 Side View


With support of recording HD videos Xolo Q700 has a good camera. When we tried YouTube HD videos we were able to play them with ease on the device.

We tested games like NOVA 3, Modern Combat 4, and Need For Speed Most Wanted, and they all ran well enough.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the device, is much better than that of the Xolo Q800. But it is on par with other devices like the Micromax Canvas HD.

The in-call volume is also quite enough, so no issues here.

Battery Life

Xolo Q700 has 2400 mAh battery life, and it lasts for around 1 and a half day in normal usage. During heavy gaming the battery lasted for around 7 to 8 hours.

Xolo Q700 comes with inbuilt battery app from Xolo, and in our testing we found it improved the battery to around 2 to 3 hours.

Xolo Q700 Battery App

Xolo Q700 Battery App

Xolo Q700 Review

The Xolo Q700 is a really nice device, and it is probably the best device in the under Rs. 10,000 market. With specifications similar to that of devices which come for around Rs. 13,000 its a real steal. Hope we have covered everything in our Xolo Q700 review, if you need anything else use the comments section below.

The only issue that you can have is that the internal memory is only 4GB, and you can’t transfer apps to SD card, but that can be solved by rooting, so overall it deserves 4 or of 5 !

40 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    hy bro I m cnfuse b/w many budget phones around 10-11k
    xolo q700,xolo q800,intex aqua i5.zen ultraphone 701 or any other
    mention with reasons ,camera and battery back up is most concerned areas
    plzzz be quick

  2. Rajesh V R

    my view about xolo q700
    > those who have been using ics or gb would be at loss when it comes to volume settings which has now been merged (media / ringtone / notification are not much different now!) thats not xolo’s fault its google.
    > gps, i should say – there is a bit of glitch using gps. i am fine using navigation on gmaps and a bit of waze but stationalert chennai is a very good app for train travel which was working wonderfully on samsung galaxy phones i had previously but fails miserably on xolo q700 keeps losing gps signal, even waze says no gps trying to triangulate approximate (from within a train gps doesnt seem to work but with galaxy it was a boon).
    > obviously people who have used lg / samsung / htc custom ui would feel a difference with native jb running. i am using apex launcher which sort of does the job for me.
    a little bit bulky but not as big as 5″ phones neither that heavy…
    > battery is wonderful. i was on a dataconnection skype call without a headset for nearly an hour and it took only 10 – 15% battery. my galaxy 5301 and 7562 experience tells me to take my hats off!. a normal samsung galaxy would have drained totally for such a call.
    > battery runs about full day even with data connection and gps always on. OTG does work. comes with a virutal cd rom also when u mount a otg linux device in windows (i used with windows 7) ; camera is decent enough for the package. the multi core does amaze me having lived on a single core for over 5 years of my smartphone life.
    > i feel its worthy.

  3. Rajesh V R

    Hi all, i have been through various sites looking for a good deal under 10k range i had found q700 to meet most of my requirements. only second thought was the aftersales service which even some shop owners in chennai said there is no service centre in chennai. ihad sent a mail to no response but they do have a service centre in chennai and the dealer i am using has a good tie up with them and a couple of guys in the shop are using xolo in fact when i wanted to see a piece 4-5 shops wouldnt show me a sample but this guy showed his phone which happened to be xolo q700 itself…
    its a good buy i am using it since a month now.

  4. Manan


    Can u please drop me the email of customer care for XOLO… Additionally, any direct lines / office in Mumbai?
    Help is much appreciated. 🙂

    • Rajesh V R

      hi, do visit and check the service centre that is near you. looks like dm teleservices in malad west is their authorised service centre 9223503594 for mumbai

  5. rajesh

    Nice review,
    kindly suggest me, which is good buy ? Lava 504q or micro max a116hd.
    also, i want to make video calls through sim card. whether this option available in 504q or micromax a116hd.


      • rajesh

        Hai Brahmnoor,
        Thanx for your reply.

        I am not a hardcore gamer. i play very rare. I am looking for OTG,( which helps me my studies),
        and also options for OTA -updates.Good camera and expandable memory. also video calls through Sim card using 3g.These are my basic requirements.
        Please suggest me good handset,
        I consider lava iris504q, celkon a118 hd (which available for Rs. 11K) ,Micromax A116.

        Thank you

      • Brahmnoor Singh Chawla

        Hi !

        Then I suggest the Lava Iris 504Q for you. Currently, the support of Lava is the best, and the device has good performance. So overall, the Iris 504Q would be a good option for you.

  6. varun

    HI….. Thanks for the great review…. I am planning to buy a new phone and confuse between Xolo q700 and Samsung Galaxy Core ….. I know the price difference is almost of 3k …. I was pretty convinced with Samsung galaxy core, but then saw this phone and was blown away with its features, specially 2400mah battery and that it has a USB on the go at this price…..but I am bit worried about the after sale service….since some people wrote very discouraging things about its after sale service…. so what will be your suggestion…. should I buy xolo q800 and leave the rest on luck or should I go for dependable option of Samsung Galaxy CORE…. and can you also suggest me some other available option with a price range of 13k but with a screen size not bigger then 4.5″

    • Brahmnoor Singh Chawla

      Hi Varun !

      Thanks a lot for taking your time to write a comment at Tech Junction.

      I would suggest you that if you want the best performance, and battery in this price range go for Xolo Q700. The after sales service is a issue, I admit, but still in 90 % cases you don’t need to claim warranty.

      But yes, if you want mobile from a good brand, then Samsung Galaxy Core would be a nice option for you. The after sales service of Samsung is about 2 times better than that of Xolo.

      Actually, in New Delhi region, the after sales service of Xolo is decent if you just drop in a email to their official email. But, I don’t know about other areas.

      If you need any more help be sure to reply, and I would be delighted to help you.

      • varun

        Thanks for ur quick response….. Performance is the only reason i am thinking of buying this phone….. And I hope i fall in the category of 90% and dont need any help from there service center.

  7. Satnam Singh

    I rooted my phone but still I am not getting how to install apps in sd card. Please guide me. Its my request as i have to install asphalt …….

  8. AAA5000

    Thanks for the nice review.

    There is a lot of uncertainity with respect to transferring apps to the external sd card. So many users say that even after rooting the device, the apps cannot be moved to sd card. If so, this is a very serious flaw in the phone, as the internal storage memory is insufficient for loading larger apps.
    Can you please confirm this.
    Thanks & Regards.

  9. Anonymous

    thanks bro for ur wise advice
    one more thing is xolo q700’s front camera is gud enough for video calling or self portrait or it is not up to the mark? or it is like some other phones front camera which provide u front cam just adding a extra feature nothing else or without performance ………

  10. Anonymous

    hy I want to know which one is best among both q800 and q700 ? and what r the major differences b/w both,expect camera pixels?
    the screen resolution,battery,looks,processors’ and over all performance,which one is clear winner from both? plz explain everything bro its really important,,,…

    • Brahmnoor Singh Chawla

      Hi !

      The Xolo Q700 is the clear winner in everything except camera. The performance is almost the same, but slightly better in Q700 because of proper configuration.
      Looks are almost the same.
      Battery is better in Q700.
      Xolo Q700 also has Android 4.2 compared to Android 4.1 on Xolo Q800.

      So overall, the Xolo Q700 is the winner. Cheers !

  11. sssp

    How could you play nova 3 . It cannot be installed due to limited internal storage.

    • Khleeque Shaikh

      It does not support Move to SD Either but we have many software available mostly recommend “GL to SD” & “Folder Mount” but they needed Supersuer Permission i.e You need to root your device .
      I am playing MC3,4 and Fifa 14 Which are almost 2Gb game each working super fine .


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