Nokia X, the much-talked about device from Nokia has had a blockbuster opening in China, where it was launched just 5 days ago. In China, the Nokia X has already crossed 1 million pre-orders, and Nokia has posted an update on Weibo, with an image celebrating the success of its Nokia X. This huge success of the Nokia X can be seen as a re-entry of Nokia in the mobile market, after it suffered dramatic decrease in sales and a rapid decline in its market share.

China is one of the biggest mobile market in the world, and the success in China certainly is a clear indicator of the success the Nokia X will receive in other markets. The device is going to be launched in India soon, and we can see that it will certainly be successful. This huge success of the Nokia X was anticipated as the main reason for the decline of Nokia, was it’s attitude towards Android.

Now with Android, and Nokia’s brand image of manufacturing the best quality mobile, one can certainly anticipate bigger numbers in the future. Actually, the decline of Nokia started just as it accepted Windows Mobile OS as it’s choice of operating system. But there’s one catch, Nokia X can only run all those apps on Google Play which are independent of Google Play Services, but with these apps being in majority, and other apps which are based on Play services making their entrance in the Nokia Apps Market, this won’t be a big issue.

As a device priced for for the entry market, the success of Nokia in China is a big step for the Finnish company. As the company gears for in entrance in other markets, Nokia can certainly see it as a moral booster. But will this success be replicated in other markets? Only time will tell.

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