Nokia and Samsung both of the brands are much celebrated when you search for a good brand before purchasing a handset. Now-a-days, Nokia has regained its almost lost charm in the market after launching new set of mobile phones under the hood of Asha series. And if you consider the reputation and recognition of Galaxy series of Samsung brand in the marketplace, then needless to stay you will find it in a better niche as compared to Asha. Still, there are much more things that makes things better for Asha than Galaxy, especially if you analyze their low budget handsets. Let’s discuss the face off of Asha 210 and Samsung Galaxy Star here as Nokia Asha 210 price is almost the same like the price of Galaxy star of Samsung.

The Outer Ecstasy!

Both the devices have proper technological enrichment alongside an ergonomically designed structure. Galaxy star comes outfitted with a 3.0 inches screen along with accelerometer sensor. As expected, Galaxy star renders much pleasing viewings as compared to the Asha 210 that showcases display screen of just 2.4 inches. Moreover, the Nokia quintessential does not have any accelerometer sensor integrated with the screen which simply means no interactive detection of your moves.

What is convincing about the Asha screen are its clearer, crisper and sharper texts and images having 166 PPI than the Star’s picture quality that has 133 PPI. In addition to these features, star fits into the palms in a pretty way for having a structure of 58x105x11 mm and rounded edges whereas Asha 210 sports a structure of 60x111x11 mm. Of course, any trendy user will want to choose Galaxy Star in place of Asha 210.

Nokia Asha 210 vs Samsung Galaxy Star

Alongside of all these factors, one more thing you should take a note of. And that is the input method. Star comes with full touch enabled operations whereas Asha 210 gives users to operate it with the little help of its QWERTY keyboard. Albeit many of us prefer full touch screens, some of us still prefer the QWERTY method of typing.

Internal Strength & Connectivity Support

Giving 4 GB of internal storage capacity, the Samsung Galaxy star scores more than Asha 210 that gives only 65 MB internal storage aptitude. Of course, this is another factor that limits the popularity of Asha 210. Coming onto the battery power juice, you will get grand standby time of 133 days from Samsung’s Galaxy Star whereas Asha 210 renders standby time of 5 days.

Interestingly, if you consider the talk time support of both the devices, then you will spot out 1104 hours battery backup from Asha 210. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Star provides only 14 hours of talk time support on a single charge of its batteries.

Now here comes the most important feature of today’s handsets, connectivity. Samsung has stuffed Galaxy star with all the latest and useful connectivity and networking facilities including way faster WiFi and Bluetooth tethering to keep you connected with all your family members and friends no matter they are near or far.

Although Asha 210 does not lag behind in providing the same specs but it lacks the quality speed and configurations as compared to galaxy star; despite of the fact that nokia asha 210 price is almost the same like Galaxy Star.

Final Call

Basically, Samsung has enlisted itself in the row of top notch brands present in the market. Nokia once had a flawless image of being high in quality and purely reliable. But now-a-days, it lacks the glamour and glory in terms of innovations and featuring swarms of tech-wonders inside a single cask of handset. So today, Samsung has more rand value than Nokia. Moreover, if you consider the conqueror handset as per their facilities and features, then also Samsung galaxy Star grabs the crown for rendering satisfactory features even under such a low price bracket. And unfortunately, Nokia loses the bet for giving fewer bells and whistles in spite of having almost the same price tag.

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