In a big deal, Microsoft is all set to acquire Nokia devices, and services division in addition the license of many Nokia’s patents, and their mapping service. The deal was no surprise, and many analysts had predicted it earlier. The deal entirely amounts to over 5.4 billion euros for buying, 3.79 billion euros for devices,and over 1.65 billion euros for patents. All these in all amount to over 7.2 billion euros.

This is a really big deal, and it will see over 31,980 Nokia employees shifting over to Microsoft. Of these over 4700 are in Finland, and the other in various parts of the world. These are certainly big numbers, and it would see some significant position change in Microsoft’s big positions.

Microsoft Buys Nokia

This is certainly a huge transaction, and it will completely change the face of Nokia, but will it be for positive or negative, only time will tell.

As for now, only these details were made available to us, but as more information comes, we will keep you informed of the latest bit.

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