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A mobile phone has become a necessity in the present day. There a teens who waiting for their first mobile phones and then there are adults who waiting to discard their small scale phones to get an upgrade, a smartphone. There are international brands like Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Apple and the other companies on the stride to bring out the best of the phones and at the other there are also some small scale companies like Micromax that is also on its way to pave the destination for success.

Almost every model the company is introducing is making a mark in the industry, there are a few phones that are packed with performances and then these phones also come under the budget Android phones.


On such phone that is power packed with features but falls on the low end category is the Micromax X321. The phone is built on a metal frame and therefore the hardware is guaranteed strong. The metal frame will be a protection from the daily slips from the hands and the rams against the hard surfaces. It is bar model and hosts a dual SIM combination of GSM and CDMA.

The build quality of the device is much better than that of other Micromax devices.


The Micromax X321 sports a 2.8 inch screen with pixel resolution of 240×320, as mentioned earlier it is not a high end phone, it is just a basic model, so if you are anticipating watching videos and stuff then it is a bad idea to go for this phone as the screen would not let you watch videos with the size it comes with.

The camera that comes equipped with the phone is a 0.3 MP VGA camera with a resolution of 640×480 pixels; it does support video recording as well, but provided the camera specification the output would not be anything great, it is better you use this phone more or less for its basic purposes being communication.

The design of the device is not at all what you call latest, but it looks like a device of older generations.


Coming to the memory, the Micromax X321 has an internal memory of 85.5 KB, not something one can flaunt about, and it supports an expandable memory on the MicroSD slot of 8GB. Connectivity wise, the phone supports, GPRS on 2G, Bluetooth version 2.0 but then it does not support 3G or EDGE nor does it support Wi-Fi, but yes it does support USB connectivity. The battery backup is up to 150 hours on standby mode and 4.5 hours on the talk time.

Summarizing the features, the final answer here would be that the phone is basic model, not a high end phone that would support apps and the likes of the sort. Keep the phone to its basic purpose which is of course calling and messages, browsing is enabled but provided the battery backup the Micromax X321 offers it would not be wise to use the phone for browsing purposes for long.

Final Take

Now in this era of Smartphones the Micromax X321 would not survive in the market. Every little feature of the phone seems to just fall out when compared to smartphones. There is nothing that is worth mentioning in the phone, the Micromax X321, does not stand a chance against any of the other phones in the market. Let alone the other phones, the Micromax X321 is a failure before the other models manufactured by the company itself.

While on hand Micromax is coming up with amazing models like the Micromax Canvas series that are almost a competition now to the high end Android phones being released by international brands like Samsung.

Though the phone boasts to be a feature packed one but how far would the features be reliable with the Micromax X321, is a question that remains unanswered. The price that the phone is tagged at is indeed an eyeball grabber, at a price of Rs.1639/-, the phone seems to be a good deal to strike.

Micromax is now gaining pace in the market with the wide array of mobile phones it is manufacturing and released off late. There are few models like the Micromax Canvas that is on the way to make big money in the industry. It is claimed that it could turn out to be one of the competitors for the companies of International make like Samsung and HTC.

Micromax is one of the shareholders in the market today though it falls way behind after Samsung, Nokia, HTC and the other companies, but facts aside, Micromax is indeed one of the strong contenders in the market. The only problem here that it is the company is new in the block while others have been in the competition for decades together. Therefore the credibility is where there is a lag in the run.

There is also the issue with the after sales service as it is really difficult to fetch a Micromax customer care outlet anywhere and the private ones will definitely charge a bomb for the unavailability the parts. This Haryana based company currently holds a lead share of 18.4% in the Indian market. The company has made huge progress in the market ever since it has incepted in the year 2008.

The Micromax Canvas series as mentioned earlier is its winning streak in the market for the innovative features it has been pulling across and has now turned out to be its most notable product.

When there is such heavy competition in the market, Micromax has to take every step carefully instead of concentrating on low end phones like the Micromax X321, Micromax has to take its next step in enhancing its market shares with high end phones. The company is now quite popular in the industry for the budget Android phones the company has been manufacturing.

The Micromax X321 is just a basic model and it fails to appeal to masses in the long run and the price it is tagged with might grab some attention but then again, it would for the second phone. Android is the trend, Micromax has already released several models on Android, and the company should continue to live up to its deal with Android.

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  1. Gaurav


    I don’t really agree with your review. This phone should not even remotely be compared with a smartphone. This phone comes in the budget phone category. Not every one is using smartphones. At-least the people with lower income groups are not. For them the budget phones are way of life. Even Nokia manufactures such budget phones. Why? Because there is still a market for such phones. As for the pricing the minimum price of a decent smartphone starts from somewhere Rs 3500/- or so. Don’t you see the price difference? It’s more than double of what this phone costs.

    I see this review written from the perspective of a middle class use already used to the smartphone revolution. But the fact is that budget phones still holding there own in a market flooded with smartphones.

    The customer care issue is not a standalone issue with such phones. Even the Canvas series phones have negligible customer support. As for the serviceability part, there’s a high chance that your local repair guy would be able to successfully service these phones as compared to the smartphones.

    Also, i don’t think the reviewer has actually got hands-on with the phone. This review seems to be there just for the sake of a review.

    • Brahmnoor Singh Chawla

      Hi Gaurav,

      I am really sorry, but it is a guest review, please don’t think that this is the standard of Tech Junction.

      We are constantly working to improve our reviews, and are thankful for your comment.

      Because of this reason, we have stopped taking guest reviews.


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