In a recent leak, there are rumors that Micromax is working to launch Windows Mobile 8 devices in India. After becoming one of the leading Indian mobile company in India with its Android range of devices, Micromax seems to be aiming a wider market by launching devices running on Windows Mobile 8 OS.

If the rumor is true, then Micromax can become the fastest rising mobile company in India. If it decides to launch Windows Mobile OS based devices, then it actually combines the features of both Samsung and Nokia, and comes at a lower cost than both of them.

Micromax to Launch Windows 8 Based Mobiles

Other than this, there is also another rumor that Micromax is planning to launch 4G compatible handsets in India. While the 4G development and acceptance in India is not as fast as in other countries, in the long term it can be a good move by Micromax.

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