Lava Iris has started teasing its new Lava Iris Pro series. Recently, Micromax had been teasing the Micromax Canvas 4, and with these teasers it got over 5000 sales within 2 days. Lava is also trying to do the same by generating buzz about the Lava Iris Pro series. The Lava Iris Pro is teased on the Facebook page, and the official Lava website as the “Lava Iris Pro series of phones that redefines the art in SmArt”.

Lava Iris Pro

The teasers show off the Lava Iris Pro as a sleek device, with rear camera, and dual LED flash. In the teasers some of the specifications such as the 1.2GHz quad-core processor, and HD display have been revealed.

As per the images, the Lava Iris Pro seems to have 5 inch touch screen display, and micro USB support. There would also be support for WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and 3G.

The full specifications of the device, have not been revealed as of now, but we will eventually get to know more as it is teased further, and information starts to leak. The official release date of the Lava Iris Pro is August 25. For further informations about the device, and its price in India, stay tuned to Tech Junction.

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