Beetel, the popular landline manufacturer has launched a new stylish landline device, named the Beetel Retro Phone. The new landline phone is nothing like its predecessors, it has a colourful, and retro look. The Beetel Retro Phone also supports 3.5mm audio jack, which allows you to connect the landline to any headset or earphone.

Beetel Retro Phone Specifications and Features

  • Support for 3.5mm audio jack.
  • 16 digit screen.
  • Incoming call memory, upto 30 calls.
  • Anti Steel Alarm.
  • Comes in Red and White, and Black and White colors.

At the price of Rs. 1690, the Beetel Retro Phone has been listed across all the major e-commerce websites, and is also available from over 4000 dealers all over India.

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  1. Fakir

    Hi !

    I really don’t like its look. Whats the advantage of living in 21st century when you are stuck up with landlines of 20th century ???


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