Sony at CES 2014 has refreshed the VAIO series of it’s laptops by launching the Sony VAIO Fit 11A. The VAIO Fit 11A is a compact notebook laptop that sports the Sony trademark, TRIlUMINOS full HD display. The display is 11 inch large, which is perfect for compactness. The Vaio Fit 11A runs on Intel Pentium quad-core processor, and features the latest Windows 8.1 OS.

The device can be converted into a tablet for the ease of access. Uniquely, the Sony Vaio 11A features 8MP camera, which can be used as a rear camera when you are using the laptop as a tablet. The hybrid tablet features 128GB of in-built memory, and also features backlit keyboard, which is a must if you are an out-going bluff.

Sony Vaio Fit 11A supports 802.11ac WiFi, that is the latest in the standards. The laptop comes pre-loaded with important applications including Adobe Photoshop Elements 12. With support for the Vaio Active Pen, the hybrid laptop seems to be perfect for artists.

As per the official statement by Sony, the Sony Vaio Pro 11, Pro 13, Tap 11, and Tap 21 will be updated this spring with Windows 8.1 OS, and 802.11ac WiFi.

Sony VAIO Fit 11A Specifications

  • Intel Pentium 3520 quad-core processor with Intel HD graphics.
  • 11 inch full HD Sony TRIlUMINOS display.
  • Features Windows 8.1.
  • 4GB RAM, and 128GB in-built memory.
  • Support for 802.11ac WiFi.
  • Supports Vaio Active Pen.
  • Pre-installed apps include Adobe Photoshop Elements 12.
  • Weighs 1279g, and measures 285x198x19.0mm.

Sony VAIO Fit 11A Price in India

An Anonymous source at Sony has revealed to one of reporters of Tech Junction at the CES 2014, that the Sony Vaio Fit 11a price in India will be below Rs. 55,000. As per the source, the Vaio Fit 11a will be priced at $799 in the US, and will be launching in February 2014.


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