Sony has launched it’s superb next Generation gaming console in India, the PlayStation 4, which will cost about Rs. 40000. On the official press event, Sony announced that the PS4 will be available from 6th January 2014 across the country. The additional controller and the Play Station camera have been priced at Rs. 4990. The price of the PlayStation 4 is quite high, but as they say history repeats itself, so we can expect a price drop a few months after it’s release.

As per Sony’s official press release, the prices of the games will be as follows –

  • First party gaming titles – Rs. 3999.
  • Third party titles – Rs. 2990 to Rs. 4990.

The Play Station 4 was launched in US on November 15. Sony had also revealed that it had sold more than 2.2 million PlayStation 4 in less than 3 weeks of it’s launch in the US market. Seeing it’s success in US, the console has been priced so high in India.

Many expected the latest gaming console from Sony to go available in Japan in December 2013, but as per Sony, it will be launched there in February 2014. Sony also announced that looking at their current market position, the PS4 is on track to hit world target of 5 million by March 2014.

The Sony PS4 has been powered by an CPU-GPU design, with a 8 core low power 84-64 AMD Jaguar CPU and 1.84 TFLOPS AMD Radeon GPU. The PS4 comes with improved social integration in the games, and features a secondary processor that does the networking task in standby mode, that helps reduce the power consumption.

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