Batman Arkham Origins is the sequel of the famous game Batman Arkham City and is the third game in Arkham series. The game will be releasing on the 25th of October 2013. The game is developed Warner Brothers Games Montreal.

The main storyline take place 5 years before the Arkham Asylum in 2009. The Batman in this games is very young which becomes target of his villains on christmas.

Batman Arkham Origins

The gameplay will be same as previous 2 games but there will be a new gadget that is the remote claw which can pull 2 objects at same time and hit enemies. The batman will be able to summon his plane Batwing which he can use to travel in any areas. There will be villains from Arkham City such as Joker, Band, Mad Hatter and much more. In the game we will also be able to play side missions.

If you pre-order the game now Deathstroke will be available featuring his own weapons. In all and all the Batman Arkham Origins seems a decent game, and with new gadgets its gonna rock !

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  1. Heather Rainey

    This is one of the best Batman games out there! I love playing this with my 5 year old son… he is a huge Batman fan! Thanks for the review


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