Kindle Paperwhite, the ebook reader from Amazon has finally received the much anticipated software update. This update has come after the Kindle Fire series had received a software update sometime ago. The new software allows integration with Goodreads, which was bought by Amazon. Other than this, the new update also has the long awaited child goals feature, that will allow you to give rewards to your child for finishing off books.

All these new features were announced by Amazon at the time on launching Kindle Paperwhite 2013, and after around 2 months the features have arrived on the world’ smooth popular reading device.

All these new features not only strengthen the position of Kindle in the E-reader market, but also makes Amazon a trusted name for e-book readers. As per the official statement by Amazon officials the update will be available wirelessly. If some users want to manually update their devices, they can also download the software from the official website.

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  1. Hiresh

    At last, finally the update is available. I thought that Amazon had forgotten about the Paperwhite !


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