WeChat, the instant messaging app is being promoted very much these days. After some television advertisements of WeChat in India, featuring some Bollywood celebrities, WeChat has now gone available on Nokia Asha. WeChat is targeting WhatsApp, and till now, it has seen high rise, and it has gone on to become a major competitor to WhatsApp. With the launch of WeChat for Nokia Asha, I expect to see a rise in the number of users using WeChat.

Previously WeChat was available for Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry OS. With the launch of WeChat for Nokia Asha series, WeChat is now available on all the devices where previously only WhatsApp was available. WeChat is now available on Nokia Asha mobiles for free.

The official statement by Dennis Hau, Head of Product Center, Tencent, by the company who made WeChat was “We are delighted to bring WeChat to Nokia Asha Touch smartphones to further extend the reach of this leading mobile social app. Nokia Asha Touch smartphone users can now enjoy a new way to connect with WeChat for free. Providing the best user experience is always our mission. While we aim to provide state of the art functions to our users, service quality is even a higher priority. We are excited about the launch and Nokia Asha Touch smartphone users will be pleased by the performance and experience brought by WeChat

WeChat has been marketed aggressively over the last few days, and if this continues and WhatsApp remains paid, we can expect WeChat to replace it soon.

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  1. syed

    I am still wondering what would be thing that they are achiving by popularizing their chat app …alright…Whats app is making money after year…but we chat is free till now…
    They are spending lot of money here in india too…they have got some film actors and actresses and running their ads like crazy ? what is the catch i am trying to understand?
    The data?

    • Brahmnoor Singh Chawla

      Hi Syed !

      Thanks a lot for your valuable time spent at taking a look at Tech Junction.

      You have a very interesting question. To tell you the truth, WhatsApp to was free initially, but now as you said they have turned into a paid app, and they are making money year after year.

      In the same manner, WeChat is trying to get a large user base after which it too will turn paid or start showing advertisements.


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