Xolo Q800 was launched some time ago by Xolo mobiles. The device runs on quad-core processor and Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS. The Xolo Q800 is a good mobile with good specifications. But many users of the Xolo Q800 are looking for the root procedure to root Xolo Q800. So here is the easiest way to root Xolo Q800.
Disclaimer : Rooting will void your mobile warranty. We do not take any responsibility if anything bad happens to your mobile.

Root Xolo Q800

Things Required

Root Xolo Q800

  • Connect Xolo Q800 to your PC.
  • Install the drivers of Xolo Q800 using the file that you downloaded above.
  • Now remove you mobile.
  • Extract the SP Flash Tools as well as the ClockworkMod recovery in a location where you can access them easily.
  • Start SP Flash Tools (SP_Flash_Tools.exe), and click on Scatter Loading button. Now in the pop up window browse for the MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc file where you extracted ClockworkMod recovery.
Step 1 : Root Xolo Q800
  • After the scatter file is loaded, a list will appear. There untick everything except recovery.
Step 2 : Root Xolo Q800
  • Now click on the recovery option and select recovery.img that you extracted.
Browse for Recovery - Root Xolo Q800
  • In the menu bar, go to Window menu, and select Write Memory, and in the Write Memory tab, select the EMMC radio box.
  • Now in the Write Parameter heading click on Open Raw Data and again select the recovery.img file.
  • Change the Begin Address to 0x2d80000 and container length to 0x600000.
Step 5 : Root Xolo Q800
  • Finally, click the write memory button. Now switch off your mobile and connect it to your PC. Now let the process run.
  • Let the process run, after it a green ring will appear in flash tool.
  • Now, transfer SuperSU.zip file you downloaded to your device’s SD card.
  • Turn off your mobile handset, and now press Volume Up and Power button together till the mobile boot up. Now, press Volume Up to boot into ClockworkMod recovery.
  • Use Volume Up and down buttons and select Install Zip from SD card by pressing the power button.
  • Locate the file you transferred to your mobile and select it.
  • Let the process finish.
  • All done ! You now own a rooted Xolo Q800 device.
Congrats ! You now own a rooted Xolo Q800. Enjoy the rooted device.

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  1. Brajesh Thankamony

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    like my blog posts please KI$$ some to support me. Do follow up my blog
    for i will be posting many updates including [ROM] ULTIMATE V3. All
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  2. kishan ramola

    after all things done that green ring is not appearing in flash tools what to do??? how to installdrivers plz suggest..

    • Brahmnoor Singh Chawla

      Hi Vikas !

      Its nice to have you on Tech Junction.in, a premier mobile portal.

      Here are the dangers/ or disadvantages of rooting –

      1. No Warranty for a rooted device.
      2. A very slight ( 0.0001 %) of bricking your device.

      But all these are not major disadvantages, as you can get over them.
      By following our guide properly you won’t brick your device, and for warranty you can unroot !

      Hope I helped.

  3. vivek

    oye friend this driver not getting installed even after I switch win defender and antivirus off

    it’s giving some warning after I press finish in final step

    any solution for this

  4. Anonimous

    Dear ,Brahmnoor Singh Chawla
    Can you make OTA update and Usb otg forcefully work on this phone ?
    Can you play heaviest game nova 3 without any lags ?

  5. Anonymous

    do tutorial for installing the roms or give a link to tutuorials ??

  6. Soumya

    hello brother brahmnoor i have xolo q800,I am an avid HD game lover tha’t why I sold my 1month branded htc desire v instead of xolo q800 only for playing games.I am able to play all hd games except Moden combat 3 fallen nation.When I install the apk it said that device is not compatible.can you send me the link which will be played.thanks advance.

    • Brahmnoor Singh Chawla

      Hi Soumya !

      You will have to install Modern Combat 3 as an external APK file, and not from Google Play. Gameloft has set many filters, due to which many devices show not compatible in Google Play.

      So try, to get the APK of the game by backup it from any app on any other device.

      If you can’t try to download it from any online source.

    • Anonymous

      u can go to “makeuseofandroid.com” and there search for modern combat 3 fallen nation,!! there it is available for all devices..

  7. Anonymous

    I tried rooting many times but it shows path not found and device not found.I installed pda net drivers also.

  8. raj

    @max use any galaxy series charger from samsung it is micro usb ac 100-300v

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Raj for your prompt reply. Presently tried with Nokia AC-10E charger (1200 ma) and it is charging. Xolo charger is 1000 ma and so I hope I have no problems. But will heed your prompt advice and search for a Samsung series charger. Regards. Max.

  9. Anonymous

    My xolo q800 charger is not working. Pls can anyone suggest an alternate compatible charger which can be safely used. The original charger became inoperative during the first charge. I purchased it on 2nd July’13 from Flipkart and have been compensated for same by them and asked to buy a charger from where ever I want. Pls HELP. Thanks. Max. Mumbai.

  10. Raj

    i want to know how to get back to the stock rom i mean if i root my device and i wanna go back to factory settings how can i do it and also tell me once i root my phone how can i install custom rom like ultimate v2 and others ?? and can we use multiple custom roms on a device or one at a time ?? waiting for your reply

  11. Anonymous

    And also
    within the budget of 13000 and considering the durability of 2 to 2.5 years and also service
    Only mtk6589 chipset
    Now which one should I go for q800 or lava iris 504q

    Thank you

  12. rahul roshan

    Even pressing volume+ key and power isn’t working.
    It seems my phone has been bricked. please let me know the procedure to unbrick my device.Thanks in advance

  13. rahul roshan

    Dear Chawla,

    I followed the abaove steps of rooting my xolo q800. After rooting is done, the device is not starting…please help!!!

  14. Anonymous

    Dear chawla
    Can you tell me what are the benefits of rooting xolo q800 briefly ?

  15. Imman Rens

    for people who are looking to Un-root your phone the easiest way, there’s an app in play store called “universal unroot”. its a paid app but m sure you can get it for free if you google it. i was able to successfully un-root my Xolo q800. might work for you too. give it a try but please dont blame me if you mess something up(it’s just a click or two click process you cant go wrong). this is the link to play store check the video there. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.universal.unroot&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS51bml2ZXJzYWwudW5yb290Il0.

  16. Anonymous

    Successfully rooted my device..thanks for detailed step 🙂
    Please suggest some good custom ROM

    – Prakash

  17. Anonymous

    for XOLO Q800 IS there any way to full ROM backup including original bootloader for warranty purpose before rooting ? or is there any SAFE ROOTING which can be removed on phone restart ?

  18. Anonymous

    Can you post the video of the rooting. And do you have any windows drivers which I can use to connect my Xolo q800 to windows to use it to view my contacts and messages using PC suite.

  19. Anonymous

    i am not able to change the fm channels via.headset. how to do that ..i wants to change the fm channels from headset,…my handset is xolo800

  20. Anonymous

    I first got an error but on second try it did work. Thanks again. I have now rooted my xolo q800.


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