Android has many launchers that may replace the stock launcher of the device. The advantages of these launchers is that they are often much faster than the stock launcher. These launchers also have themes to theme up the Android system. But with so many launchers, users are sure to be confused between them. But, we are here to help. Today, we take two of the most famous and best Android launchers Nova Launcher and Go Launcher, and compare them.

Go Launcher was one of the first Android 3rd party launcher, and when it came it took everyone by surprise by offering many free themes, which truly converted Android around. But, now Nova Launcher has become a good contender for the best Launcher spot, as it is too speedy and allows you to install themes.

Nova Launcher vs Go Launcher

Speed Comparison

In speed and quickness Nova launcher truly wins. Nova Launcher does not give even little lag and works really fine. In background it takes up very little RAM, thus allowing more free RAM for the user. It also means that Nova Launcher will be able to run on the lower end mobiles, while Go Launcher may lag a lot.
Go Launcher has improved a lot in this area over time, but it still is slow and not as fast as Nova Launcher. Go Launcher also occupies more RAM than Nova Launcher.
Winner – Nova Launcher

Reliability and Stability Comparison

Both Nova Launcher and Go Launcher are quite reliable and stable, but Nova Launcher was much more stable than the Go Launcher, and Nova Launcher also gives the user stock like experience and thus is the winner in this area.
Go Launcher does hang a bit sometimes, and crashes in lower end mobiles because of low RAM.
Winner – Nova Launcher

Theme Experience Comparison

In themes, Go Launcher is the true winner. Go Launcher has over 5000 themes to theme up the system and it even allows you to install new widgets directly. Go Launcher also has lock screen themes to truly deliver a great experience.
Nova Launcher lags behind in this area as it has lesser themes, and for widgets you will have to use stock widgets, or root your mobile to get new widgets.
Winner – Go Launcher

Menu Customisation

In this area, Nova Launcher is better as it allows you complete control over your Launcher including your menu. It allows you to control what is the opacity of the menu, and allows to to change the colour and all.
Winner – Nova Launcher

Final Verdict

We have compared both Nova Launcher and Go Launcher, and now the decision is yours. If you want to take the customisation to next level, and want a rich theme experience go for Go Launcher, but if you like stable and fast launcher go for Nova Launcher. Over to you !

4 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    i have been using go launcher for 9 months, very smooth, fast, stable, updates almost biweekly. very satisfied with it. I am using it with my Galaxy S2. I will give a try nova and GO with my new s4.

  2. Anonymous

    I used go launcher then recently switched to nova launcher when an icon pack I really wanted to use was only available for nova. I have a Samsung GNote10.1 so its capable supposedly of handling memory hogs like go. Tbh, there doesn’t seem to be a huge difference between the two in terms of ram use as my ram monitor tells me but themes on go need more memory space than nova. In using nova however, there is a lag in the showing up of icons when I press the home button to go from one open program to the home screen, e.g when I press home from my Internet browser, only the wallpaper shows up, then after a few moments, the icons show up, this never happens when I used Go. So maybe the issue with stability and ram is more of a problem with lower end phones but if you have faster devicss, using Go wouldn’t be a problem, never crashed on me even when I used super themes but of course, nova gives you more freedom to choose how you want to personalize your device and I agree on that.


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