The Nokia Lumia 920, flagship mobile of Nokia has been on sale for quite sometime. It was being sold for around Rs. 38000. Now, the Nokia Lumia 920 has received price cut, and now it has gone available at many online retailers, including the official Nokia website at Rs. 32639. This handset by the company was not so popular as Nokia would have wanted to, and to attract new customers Nokia has taken this step.
Nokia Lumia 920 comes with 8.7MP camera, that has very high quality. It runs on Windows Mobile OS.

Nokia Lumia 920 gets a price cut

The device has gone on sale on the official Nokia website for Rs. 32639 and it comes with free wireless charger. The device along with the charger seems to be a good deal, but Windows Mobile OS, is the only thing that will restrict users from buying it.

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