The Modern Combat 4 has finally got a huge blow of update which has upgraded its most of the awesome features. It packs 3 new maps, 1 new specialization, 2 new weapons, new perks, 2 new game modes and a long list big to be played with. Now, you have got the option to edit your Signature, display your clan prefix and also to play a Random Ranked Game! The update has got the new language support for Turkish, the New Kill Signature, New Inbox system and a lot more! This update for iPhone and iPad was released early this weak.

Have a look on these stunning features and grab them – 

  1. New Maps – Fracture: Barcelona Train Station, Extraction: Antarctica Research Facility and Backfire: Barcelona Streets.
  2. Specialization – Demolition: Experts in the use of explosives, these tough soldiers are capable of stopping an armored tank by themselves.
  3. New Perks – Carry 50% more ammunition, Dying from explosives doesn’t reset your streak, Increase reload speed and more.
  4. New Weapon.
  5. New multiplayer modes – Bomb Squad and destruction.
  6. Many other improvements.
Don’t worry of the improvements and bug fixes, they are now kicked off by this all new update.

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