MediaTek has finally officially launched the Octa Core chipset that was in the rumor stage for a long time. The latest chipset by MediaTek is the True Octa-Core chipset. MediaTek claims that the latest chipset utilized the full potential of all the eight cores of the device for better performance and better battery life. The MediaTek octa-core chipset seems to be good, and we expect to see many new low budget devices to be powered by it soon.

MediaTek octa-core chipset

As per the official release, the MediaTek Octa-Core chipset has the following features –

  • Enhanced multi-tasking capabilities.
  • Advanced web browsing.
  • Smoother user interface.
  • Superior gaming experience.
  • Efficient video playback.

While the octa-core chipset from MediaTek, is truly a great step forward but will it really improve the performance in real life, that’s the big question !

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