Lava mobiles have launched the Lava Iris 458Q, which is one of the cheapest quad-core mobile in India. The Lava Iris 458Q comes in India with quad-core processor and runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS. The handset sports 4.5 inch screen. The Lava Iris 458Q specifications are quite good, and with a quad-core processor the device should be a huge success. The Lava Iris 458Q price in India is Rs. 8499.
The Lava Iris 458Q comes with 4.5 inch screen with FWVGA resolution. The handset has 512MB RAM, which does seem low, for a quad-core processor. But in this price range even this will be good. In internal memory the Lava Iris 458Q features nothing new, but the same standard 4GB storage space.
Lava Iris 458Q runs on 1.2GHz quad-core processor, the main attraction the mobile packs. The handset is 11.9m thick. The device supports micro SD card slot up to 32GB. It comes powered by 2000 mAh battery.
Lava Iris 458Q Specifications and Price in India
In camera, the Lava Iris 458Q has 8MP rear camera with LED flash and auto focus. The 8MP camera will support HD video recording. In front camera, the Lava Iris 458Q has VGA quality camera. In connectivity options, the Lava Iris 458Q supports all normal stuff, like GPRS, 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. It also supports micro USB and the standard 3.5mm audio jack.

The Lava Iris 458Q comes with G sensor and proximity sensor, which will aid in gaming. The device is dual SIM with dual standby support. The SIM 1 support GSM, and SIM 2 too supports GSM.

Lava Iris 458Q Specifications

  • 4.5 inch screen with FWVGA resolution.
  • 1.2GHz quad-core processor.
  • Dual SIM with dual standby.
  • G sensor and proximity sensor.
  • GPRS, 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth v3.
  • Supports microSD card, microUSB and 3.5mm audio jack.
  • 512MB RAM.
  • 4GB internal memory with micro SD card support.
  • 8MP AF camera with LED flash.
  • VGA front camera.
  • 2000 mAh battery.

Lava Iris 458Q Price in India

The Lava Iris 458Q price in India is Rs. 8499 and the device packs good specifications. At this price you can get only a dual core in other brands while the Lava Iris 458Q offers a quad core, so it certainly is a good buy. For the complete review of the Lava Iris 458Q, you can see our Lava Iris 458Q Review.Buy Lava Iris 458Q at Lowest Price

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  1. kshitij

    Hey brahnoor how much time u will take to test 458Q tell me please and test fast please

  2. kshitij

    Brahnoor hello tell me please which phone is best in these xolo Q600 and lava 458Q

  3. Rahul

    Dear chawla ,which one should i buy for gaming among the two 458q lava or xolo q600 ? Gogi blog claims that q600 can play nova 3 with minor lag then why 458q cant (storage issue)when they have same configurations …but xolo do not have service center…
    Can we play nova3 on 458q if we use ext sd card ?

    • Brahmnoor Singh Chawla

      Hi Rahul !

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

      Hope you are well.

      May I suggest you to please wait around 1-2 days, because I am currently testing out the Lava Iris 458Q, and its review will be up on my website in 1-2 days.

      Secondly, the service centers of Lava are currently the best for any Indian brands till date, but in this thing Xolo lacks behind.

      Yes, Xolo Q600 is a good device, I tested it and NOVA 3 runs well, but there are lags after around 20 % game is complete. I also tested Asphalt 7, and it ran smoothly on the device.

      As for the Lava Iris 458Q, most of the games run fine, but I have not yet installed NOVA 3 on it. So I hope you can wait 1-2 days for my review.

      Till then, bye !

      • prasmate

        Hey lava iris 458q has a serious ram issue.At times free ram falls below 1 mb. and you have to restart to get ram around 80 mb. So guys i dont think this device is gaming device.

  4. kshitij

    Tell me fast please because i am going to buy it tell me that lava 458Q can play big games like plants vs zombies 2 and gta 4

    • Brahmnoor Singh

      Yes it can play them but it can’t play nova 3. Also I suggest you to buy from the flip kart link I gave you as flipkart has the best quality and price.

    • kshitij

      But why cant lava 458Q can play nova 3 and tell me other games also which cannot be played by lava

  5. kshitij

    Tell me fast please because i am going to buy it tell me that lava 458Q can play bug games like plants vs zombies 2 and gta 4

  6. Anonymous

    Brahnoor what is proximity sesnor please tell me beacuse i want to buy lava 458Q

  7. Anonymous

    Can lava 458Q can play that games which galaxy s3 can play please brahnoor tell me

  8. Anonymous

    Can anyone tell me that can lava iris 458Q can play all games which galaxy s3 can

  9. Kushal

    Bro tomorow am planing to purchase mobile so am waiting for ur valuble rply. plz bro.

    • Brahmnoor Singh Chawla

      Hi !

      I just tested Xolo X910 for you.

      Here is what I found –

      1. Xolo X910 has the best build quality and design of all.
      2. Most of the games run well, no issues.
      3. The battery life is excellent.
      4. The cons are the bad internal memory. With only 2GB memory you can’t install any good apps.
      5. Mainly its worth for its excellent build, and good processor.

      Xolo Q700 review can be found here

      If you need any help, be sure to comment.

      • Anonymous

        Bro m totaly confused. m not taking decision which mobile i purchase. plz suggest me my requirement is 1)upto 10 k 2)well build 3)best for music in earphone 4)picture quality it has ips lcd screen. 5)minimum 5 mp camera with led flash 6)i will go with any brand which mobile has latest application wid 1ghz processor.

      • Anonymous

        I will purchase mobile that u wil suggest me. Reply soon m waiting.

    • Brahmnoor Singh Chawla

      Hi Kushal,

      Sure, here is the list, a detailed list will also be posted soon –

      1. Xolo Q700 ( best for its performance )
      2. Lava Iris 458Q
      3. Canvas 2 Plus
      4. Micromax Canvas 2 ( for its looks, and build )

  10. Anonymous

    why you only prefers lava mobiles. actuly picture quality and sound clarity is not good as samsung or sony.

      • Brahmnoor Singh Chawla

        Hi Kushal,

        samsung s 7562 has Android 4.0 compared to Android 4.2 on Q700.
        samsung s 7562 also has an older chipset compared to MediaTek quad-core on Q700.
        samsung s 7562 has only 768MB RAM compared to 1GB on Q700.
        Battery is better on Xolo Q700.


        samsung s 7562 has better build quality.
        samsung s 7562 also has better after sales service.

        Hope that helped.

      • Kushal

        Which is the most 5 wining mobiles upto 10 k in ur opinion with serial.

  11. Kushal

    Please suggest mobiles upto 10 k which has superb sound clarity in headset and picture quality? is there any gionee model in this range?

  12. Arun Jain

    I bought it from ebay. it has battery issue, it runs 3-4 hours after full recharge. i call to ebay they says go to service center.

  13. Chetan

    Brahmnoor … !! i was thinkng root my lavaris 458q …which custom ROM suitale for diz phone….. n how 2 instll FACENIFF….n superuser …. binary nt ..completly updated ….. giv me sugg…?

  14. Chetan

    Snapdeals – 6999/- nly ….!! Brahmnoor i want flip cover for lavaris 458q…if u knw plzzz snd d link …!!

  15. Anonymous

    Hi ! Can u please tell what sensor r there n this lava iris 458q n can compass software work on this phone

    • Chetan

      yup …. compass soft* easily works …!!
      Sensors… Proximity, Ambient light, Gravity..!!

  16. Anonymous

    Mr brahmanoor can u please suggest me that i am getting samsung s4 clone {copy} piece with same look and almost all the features at 12k it is from Thailand with no warranty or bill
    what u think should i buy or it will be waste of money pleases suggest me
    thanx for reading

    • Brahmnoor Singh Chawla

      Hi Naresh !

      I suggest you not to go for clones, or copies, because of the reason that you just don’t know what hardware is inside it. Sometimes the screen of clones is just like one of Rs. 1000 mobile in India.

      You should go for some much better device such as Xolo Q700, Zen Ultrafone 701 HD or something trusted.

      Brahmnoor Singh

  17. Anonymous

    Hi, does this wonderful mobile phone has all GSM frequencies – 850/900/1800/1900 ?, or just 900/1800? And is 512 MB RAM enough for someone like me who will use the mobile only for basic phone calls, SMS, occassional video calls, basic web browsing, email etc? (i will never use it for gaming or any other complex purposes). Thanks!

  18. Anonymous

    its gpu is less dan 200 mhz n cnt transfer app to sd check u tube video siana.

  19. Siana Arora

    Sir i have seen gaming perfomance video of this device on youtube,in which this device was unable to run moden cambat 3 and even asphalt 5..pls tell is it true…

  20. Deepak

    Hii chawla,
    can i transfer my files ( app,games etc) to my expernal memory card??reply fast

  21. Thousif

    Ok.. Thanks chawlaji. I have ordered this phone. Waiting for. I connect internet through mobile. So was just concerned.

  22. Thousif

    Does it support wifi thetering? Can we connect internet from mobile to pc through cable?

  23. kunal gupta

    hi guys i have bought this mobile it is awesome i have tried temple run 1 2 oz dead trigger nfs shift all run butter smooth this is the best android device go for it

  24. kunal gupta

    thanks for information but sir what is the gpu of this mobile and is it worth buying for gaming and one more question does it is cdma .My budget is till 8.5k

  25. kunal gupta

    Sir thanks for sharing information but my question is can this phone can run all high end games and what is the gpu of this mobile and does 512 mb ram is run jelly bean 4.2 android pls tell me

    • Brahmnoor Singh Chawla

      Yes, it can run most of the high end games. The 512MB RAM is really a deal breaker, but yes Android 4.2 runs smoothly.

      Well, if you want the best performance I recommend the Xolo Q700.

  26. Bobby Singh

    Rocking phone.. my friend just bought it and we play games on it all day long.. really this is awesome phone for the price. Y pay extra for the same stuff to MNCs… and features people dont even use!! good job lava.

    • Brahmnoor Singh Chawla

      Hi Bobby !

      Good to have you at Tech Junction.

      Thanks a lot for your feedback about this mobile. Yes, I agree with you the mobile is just awesome at this price range.

  27. Ravi kant

    its a very nice phone with 1.2 GHz, Quad Core processor,512 MB RAM,8 Megapixel,G-Sensor, Proximity Sensor under just, 3G just under 9K.

  28. Nagaraj

    One thing must appreciate from whatever you have written is the information about SIM,I didnt know that 1 slot could be used for gsm and cdma sims!

  29. Manas Singhal

    The Lava Iris 458q is a budget smartphone that comes with a quad core smartphones. This is one of the most affordable quad core models in the market now.

      • Kushal

        hi…. i want to buy quadcore androide mobile upto 10 k. 512 ram also suffient me but i want superb sound clarity in headset i liks hearing songs on headset and picture quality and camera quality so please suggest me which mobile i will purchase. waiting for your valuble advice.

      • Kushal

        Is there sound clarity in headset in xolo q 700? if not suggest me another mobile which have amazing sound clarity and picture quality.

      • Kushal

        Is there sound clarity in headset in xolo q 700? if not suggest me another mobile which have amazing sound clarity In headset and picture quality.

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