Each of us want our technology devices to look as new as ever. But when it comes to tablets and mobiles, the screens are tortured really badly, especially the touch screens. We tend to get some scratches and smudges on the screen of our iPad or any other device. Here is where, a iPad screen protector comes in. But the idea is that a screen protector makes you screen ugly, but actually if your screen protector is good, it makes your screen look as new as ever. So here is our review about the iPad Screen Protector that we bought from Mobile Fun, the leading accessories website.

iPad Screen Protector Review
iPad is one of the best devices ever. In all the tablets today, it is the best currently, because all the tablets running on Android are just not as smooth as it is. Due to this reason, the iPad is really famous, and has about 60% market share in tablets. Thus, finding a perfect iPad screen protector can be a really tiring job.
I too was searching for a great iPad screen protector, when I found one at Mobile Fun. It had really good reviews, and it came at Rs. 1900, so I bought it.
The service from the website was really very good, and I received the product in just 2 days of the order. The product was delivered by a leading courier company. The packing too was good, and in such a way so that the product does not get damaged.
Inside the outer packing was a beautiful pack in which was the iPad screen protector. The screen protector, from Martin Field was really very beautifully packed.

iPad Screen Protector Cover

Inside the packing, was the iPad screen protector, along with a complete set of instructions, that included how to apply the screen protector. It also had various ways so as to decrease bubbles appearing between the screen and the protector.

iPad Screen Protector Inside

The installation guide and the iPad screen protector both were inside a neat pack of transparent plastic. The screen protector itself has proper protection, so as not to have dust settling on it.
Overall, everything was really satisfactory from outside. Now came the time to apply the screen protector. While applying the screen protector is a bit tedious task, but the instructions provided help enormously.
After applying the screen protector, I hardly knew that my iPad had a screen protector on or not. In fact the screen protector was really just perfect. The only problem I faced was that a few air bubbles appeared, but I guess that was because of my error in applying it properly.
But, I removed the air bubbles using a credit card, and after that, my iPad’s screen had a new and better look ! So to wrap it up, I would certainly suggest everyone to go for a screen protector from Mobile Fun.

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  1. Anonymous

    Amazing review. Awesome is one word to define it. I have bought an iPad screen protector from Mobile Fun.

  2. Kapil

    Hey Brahmnoor, Mobile Fun is offering battery for my device. what I want to know, is that is the battery original ?

  3. Anonymous

    As usual the best review comes from Brahmnooor. God knows how much I was looking for a screen protector for my Samsung Galaxy S3, and now I have got one from Mobile Fun, and it’s perfect. thanks bro for such a wonderful review.

  4. Anonymous

    Seems a decent iPad screen protector for the price. anyway good review.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Brahmnoor.
    Awesome review, as usual. I will tell my sister to buy a screen protector now.

  6. Anonymous

    Great review Brahmnoor sir. I am gonna buy it from Mobile Fun, seems a decent buy. I have an iPad 3 will it work ?


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