Infamous Second Son is the sequel of the Infamous 2 developed by Sucker Punch. It is an open world action adventure game. This the third game in the series of Infamous. The story takes place in Seattle,Washington after the six years of Infamous where Cole McGrath uses RFI to destroy conduit John White also known as the beast of Empire city. The RFI has also killed the conduits all over the world including Cole McGrath, but some had survived. Recently, some screenshots of the Infamous Second Son had been released by Sucker Punch. See the Infamous Second Son screenshots and release date.

Infamous Second Son Screenshot

The main player is Delsin Rowe a 24 year old punk boy who had no future plans. The Government had formed DUP to fight against the conduits. Delsin helps people who had injured in a bus crash but he came in contact with a conduit which awakens his powers. His main power is based on smoke but he can also absorb others power. He uses a chain which is wrapped around his arm as his primary weapon. The sucker punch has said that the smoke is only the tip of iceberg.


Infamous Second Son Release Date

Infamous Second Son is all set to launch in February 2014. Till then stay tuned for more news and updates.

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