Blogger templates work on the basis of some conditions. Basically, a blogger template is a code of XML. In XML you can use conditions to allow a block of code to run if a certain condition is satisfied, and using this feature of XML you can actually target specific pages in your blog, and show some element there. To simplify it even further, I will list some examples that will allow you to understand Blogger conditional tags. Using this function of Blogger, you can target just about anything including homepage, post page, static page or any other.

You can use this feature of Blogger, to show a specific gadget only on homepage, or say post page. You can even use this to show different advertisements on different pages.

Understanding Basic Blogger Conditional Tags

To understand blogger conditional tags better lets study the basic syntax of them.

stats the blogger conditional tag, and it has cond attribute, that is the short form of condition. We assign a specific value to cond attribute, and when that condition is true the code is displayed. is used to end the blogger conditional tag, just like any normal HTML tag.

Blogger Conditional Tags

Basic List of Conditional Tags for Blogger
Here is the list of the conditional tags in blogger that you will use to target specific pages.

1. Homepage


2. Index Pages ( Like Archives,  homepage, and labels )


3. Post Pages


 4. Static Pages


 5. Specific URL


6. Post and Static Pages


7. Lable and Search Pages


9. First Post Only


Useful Tips on using Blogger Conditional Tags
Here are some useful tips for using the blogger conditional tags.

  • All the blogger conditional tags are case sensitive.
  • If you need to specify an else condition, that is to show some code if the condition is false then you can use the tag.

Example –

Code executed when the condition is true.

Code executed when the condition is false.

That’s it ! Now use these useful conditional tags in blogger and be a professional blogger !

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    Thanks a lot for this. I used the blogger conditional tags for showing post image.

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    Best tips as usual ! Good post. I use Blogger Conditional tags to target ads.


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