GTA 5 is all set to unfold on the 17th of September 2013 . The latest sequel of the Grand Theft Auto Series takes place in Los Santos, the same place where GTA San Andreas had taken place. While the latest leaks and the gameplay video show a lot of new features, the main attraction of the GTA5 will be the new big map, and the improved graphics. Here is a list of all the Grand Theft Auto 5 Features that have been leaked or officially confirmed.

The GTA 5 has a huge map which is way more bigger than any GTA series. The map will be around 30 Sq. km. The GTA 5 is bigger than GTA 4 GTA San Andreas , and Red Dead Redemption all mixed together.

The map is not the only attraction the game packs. There are also cars and weapon to customize, planes to fly and tattoos to apply. There will be a count of each day spend by each player. All these features of the Grand Theft Auto 5 definitely make it one of the most expected game.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Features

If you pre-order the game now we can get a special blimp to fly. Along with some other features, it is also confirmed that there are some missions that can be done by 2 ways, smart or loud.

There will be a weapon wheel same as Red Dead Redemption. There are variety of vehicles including trucks, cars, bikes, planes and more. As per the leaks, the game is accompanied by 3 protagonists Michael,Franklin and Trevor. During some missions players can switch between them.

While all these features of the Grand Theft Auto 5 make it an attractive game, what remains to be seen is its availability for PC, and other gaming consoles.

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  1. Heather Rainey

    I have always been a GTA fan but I just could not get into this one for some reason


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