After HTC and Samsung, rumors are spreading that Sony is gearing up for launch of the Sony Xperia Z running on stock Android OS. According to Androidgeeks, a Sony empoly has tipped it that a Sony Xperia Z is in the works and that it will be launching in July this year.Recently Google announced that Samsung Galaxy S4 running on stock Android was to be launched soon. After this HTC One too got the same treatment. Now, there is this rumor that Sony Xperia Z is going to be released running on stock Android OS.

With the stock Android OS for the Sony Xperia Z, it would also get updates for Android directly from Google. There is also a rumor that Google is to launch Android 4.3 in July, and if that is true, then the Sony Xperia Z will be launched running on Android 4.3.

According to the leak, the Sony Xperia Z will be available on the Google Play and would be priced at Rs. 34000 ($599).

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