Samsung recently launched the Samsung Galaxy S4, and now its your chance to grab it for FREE ! At Tech Junction, we regularly have giveaways, in which we give away a cool gadget to one of our lucky readers.No one really needs introduction to the Samsung Galaxy S4. The device is the successor of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Till date, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best smartphone to have and it’s price in India is Rs. 44000, but we are offering you a chance to own it for free !!

How to Win Samsung Galaxy S4 ?

Its really simple to win an Samsung Galaxy S4. Just scroll down, and in the gadget login using Facebook or your email, and you get one chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S4.
But hold, that’s not all…
You can also get more chances of winning an Samsung Galaxy S4, by doing the following –
  1. In the widget below, follow the instructions and get up to 8 chances of winning.
  2. Go to our homepage at Tech Junction, and there visit each post and share it using the sharing buttons given, each share gives you one more chance of winning.
  3. Subscribe to our feed by going to this link. This gives you 3 chances of winning.
  4. Share and promote Tech Junction by using this link – In the link in place of “yourname” add your own name. Every unique visit to this link earns you 0.5 entry.
  5. Important : Comment below this post with your name. This is really important as it is what gives us your name, so we can track your share, and chances of winning.
So in the end you can get as many chances to win as you like, and in the end you will have Samsung Galaxy S4 in your hand.

Enter Now To Win

Giveaway is over !! The winner is……Akul Sondhi ! Congrats 🙂 !
The runner up is Akhil Chadha, and Sudev VP. As a bonus the runner up will get a surprise prize that will be announced within 2 days. So be the prize of patience is sweet, that is sabar ka fal meetha hoota hai !
To all others, please don’t feel disheartened and be assured that in future giveaways at Tech Junction, you can and will win ! So stay tuned to Tech Junction, and keep winning prizes.

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  1. Kave Pazhohes

    What doe’s it mean?!!!
    you are very bad man
    Even I don’t have PC.
    I use university cemputer
    Iam so surry for you and pepole that like you.
    If my family and I was very poor no problem at least we are living with honorable and don’t like you that do any thing to have thing
    If this phone want to make me bad man I don’t want it
    The God help me.

  2. Kave Pazhohesh

    please give it to me I never have a good phone
    my family is very poor and I never can buy a good phone
    I really need this phone It’s my always dream in all of my life

  3. suvansh saxena

    i am hungry for galaxy s4 ….
    it is mine favourite mobile ….
    i want to get that phone …
    i love that phone …

  4. Pratik

    Damn… that is a lot of list….. but I dont know whether I will win or not….

    God knows…

    But I believe The right one should win….

    Thank you..

  5. Karrie Millheim

    This is cool of a giveaway. Plese enter me. I have a laptop going out now.. Ad this guy you are givin away soooooo cool..Thank you

  6. prince

    You’re already finalizing the result? It made me nervous! I hope I’ll win… Thank you for the opportunity! ^^

  7. Violet Smith

    As I have just found this site through a contest, I have looked around and found that you have some interesting articles that I will be looking further into in the next few minutes. Also, thanks for having this awesome contest.

  8. maribel raymundo

    I would be extremely grateful if i win, so i shared 5 of the links today. Ive been wanting to own this extraordinary phone that i cannot afford. Thank to tech junction for your generosity

  9. Deb C

    I like TechJunction for the news and occasionally for a review on something I am considering.

    • tori

      please i need a phone i praying i win or ill be the only one in 8th grade without a phone please god let me win =-|

  10. Manu

    I am dying to get this phone i can even pay 20-25k for it but i don’t have 40k
    i can do anything to get this phone

  11. harmantan singh

    hey tech junction.. you are giving away a phone. you are giving a life companion so that every human being live its life simply. keep doing that good work.

  12. Romie Marie

    what i like in tech junction is that it provides us different useful informations 🙂

  13. Sum Gutierrest is really a great website about technology related news, articles, and reviews.

  14. Denali

    I’m running Outlook 2003 and I want to archive my mails every day, for the last 30 days. How do I do that?

  15. Manu Saraswat

    I am dying to get this phone i want to be an android devloper but there is only so much i can do on my severely outdated galaxy fit

  16. Vanessa Rose Palacio

    What I exactly do like Tech Junction is their reviews of high-tech gadgets and also the giveaways! <3

  17. Gina Ferrell

    I would never be able to afford a Samsung Galaxy S4 but would love to have one and keep up with all the news.

  18. Diah Astuti

    Tech Junction !!
    Samsung Galaxy S4 !!
    I never have smartphone, because i don’t have a lot of money. Hope i can win to get Samsung Galaxy S4 from Tech Junction ^^
    God bless you Tech Junction ^^

  19. Diah Astuti

    Tech Junction !!
    Samsung Galaxy S4 !!
    I never have smartphone, because i don’t have much money to buy it.
    Hope i can win to get Samsung Galaxy S4 from Tech Junction ^^
    God bless you Tech Junction ^^

  20. Anonymous

    thank you tech… i really appreciate… i hope i win…
    Brendan Marc Daniel

  21. Jebin CT

    Techjunction gives me daily tech updates around world!!Here we can get all latest updates from Tech Companies. Information on best mobiles and electronic gadgets in market with their experts review and buyers guide. Techjunction helps in getting info on all the upcoming electronic gadgets and new launches.

  22. Maribel Raymundo

    I entered again today and shared a link 3 times bec i really want to win the samsung so much.

  23. Maribel Raymundo

    I entred again today and shared your a link three times bec i want to win the samsung soo much.


    I like tech junction because it gives latest information about the world of technology and reviews on latest products.
    ………i hope i win!!

  25. Soumadeepm

    This blog helps me a lot when choosing gadgets. Hats off to the owner for mking this blog. Keep Up The Good Work Sir. 🙂

  26. Hzshak

    Tech Junction tells me what’s hot and happening in the technology world. Plus, cool font.

    -Huzefa Shakir

  27. Pieter Noyens

    I like Tech Junction because they write just awesome reviews and keep me tuned about the latest tech news. I like that!

    Also, very nice they give away the S4 🙂

  28. dwayne carrey

    i will be so thankful i i win this i would really like to suprise my mon she has been there everyday of my life and i would like to thank her for bringing me into this world

  29. Toufic Yammine

    My name is Toufic Yammine. And I would die to own the samsung galaxy s4. in my country it costs crazy expensive so please let me win !!!

  30. Amy Henderson

    I like TechJunction because they are up to date with all of the latest in technical news and reviews.

  31. maribel Raymundo

    Hi! I entered again today and shared all the july 3rd posts on tech junction. Hope you pick me.

  32. leo.anu

    The best phone ever by Samsung, want to own one as I really need this kind of phone for myself, it will help me a lot.

  33. Unknown

    I like tech junction for all the good tech reviews, news on all cool new gadgets and definitely for the best giveaways they offer…
    Best Wishes for the great work to continue.


  34. maribel

    I entered again today. I super hope i win cuz im in need of a new phone, Thanks for this amazing giveaway.

  35. maribel

    I really want to win the samsung galaxy bec of its big screen, cuz i don’t have a computer

  36. yuji_shinee

    Why I like Tech Junction?
    This site mixes its news and reviews with in-depth, often-provocative commentary.

    -Yul Jimry Brionne D. Escalona

  37. Sriesh Agrawal

    What I like about Tech Junction?
    The reviews and yes, this Giveaway 😉

  38. Anonymous

    i hv alys dreamd of having a smart phone. Thanx 4 kpng da dream alive.
    Shamir gurung

  39. Anonymous

    I am Arkaprova Deb.
    I love tech junction, because of the latest updates. Latest giveaways . I love s4. Hope to win..

  40. Navin Bajaj

    I bought the Samsung Galaxy S II on the first day it landed in India two years back! I am one of the most loyal customers of Samsung as both my phones are from Samsung. NOW it is time for me to upgrade to the Galaxy S4 so I think I should win this giveaway. Cheers!
    Navin Bajaj

  41. Mochamad Riyanto

    Tech Junction, is a technology heaven ! At Tech Junction we post only the best news, reviews, tips and how to advice on your technological life.

  42. Shaila

    Hey…… ..!! Thank u so much for this opportunity.I want 2 make my Life “ TOUCH SENSITIVE” not PUSH NEEDED. Now I am in Black and White world. I want 2 make my life colorful. I want 2 TOUCH my dreams of a Beautiful tomorrows .I want 2 make my life beautiful victory. 2 me Samsung Galaxy S4 is a POWER BEAUTY and SOUL . If I won Samsung Galaxy s4 , then ,I feel the whole Beautiful world is with me. Life is so complicated. Samsung Galaxy S4 , gives solutions 2 every problem. Samsung Galaxy S4 ,expand our mind and change our life. Samsung Galaxy Note ,Sophisticated revolution.MY search ends here. Samsung Galaxy S4 reach out and TOUCHES each and every ones HEART. 🙂 🙂

  43. Shalaka Deshmukh

    The great thing abt TechJunction is that your reviews give a great insight to even a layman.
    Great giveaway btw, thanks for the chance to win! 🙂 I hope i win 🙂

  44. vidit girdhar

    iam a tech fan i dont have any mobile phone because my parents do not afford it i hope if i win this contest i have my favrouit phone the galaxy s4

  45. Deep Tolat

    Tech Junction is a very nice website which informs me about what is happening in the Tech world from time to time. As i am a tech freak i love to know more about technology. By enrolling for this nice giveaway my love for this website has just increased. Thankyou!!!

  46. Rudi Negrete

    I love tech junction because there generosity and Facebook page rocks

  47. cdziuba

    I like Tech Junction, and will admit, I discovered very recently. The site helps me spend my money wisely, especially since I am not that tech-savvy. You guys do all the legwork for us!

  48. maribel

    I like tech junction bec it updates you all the latest technology. I hope to win this awesome giveaway bec i don’t have a computer just a cellphone so its really hard to watch a movie on my phone & has a big screen.

  49. Anonymous

    Tech junction updates us with d new features of gadgets…awsm site..

  50. Toni

    This is actually my first time here.
    But as I browse around, I found this site has tons of great article about tech. Thanks!

    toha.samba at gmail dot com

  51. Aditya

    I love Techjunction very much as i am one of the biggest echnology geeks. Definitely applying for this Giveaway.

  52. Abdullahi Salah

    Tech Junction are to boss. hope I win. love the articles btw. this page is on my favourites

  53. Amit Gupta

    i like because in this website all the articles have pictures its simple. some of them have videos also. and its responsive

  54. rahul jayan

    i like tech junction because they prove that the world is small and it is within our hands by updatng the info of really cool mobiles.
    And i’ll be very happy if u give me s4
    thank u tech junction for this give away…..

  55. Anonymous

    I like this giveaway a lot! I like the tech info as well. But I like this giveaway a lot!

  56. Anonymous

    I love about the reviews so the consumers know exactly what’s the best thing to buy! 🙂

  57. Neil T

    I like the site because is a good way to find out about upcoming phones and also what is coming out in the indian market…even though I’m not indian.

  58. syed zainul

    Techjunction provides me all latest info and details abt the latest technology at the single place.Before buying some new phone or device i take a look to the tech junction

  59. Deepak Sharma

    I am a technical Guy and like to be in touch new and latest technologies, Tech Junction helps me to know more about new technololgy….

  60. Anonymous

    I am a reader of TJ for couple of months now & i really love the site because it provides me up-to-date technology information.

    Sushruta ( )

    Thank You.

  61. Voux Beauty

    I love love LOVE Tech Junction! Honestly I’ve only been reading it for a couple of weeks before the giveaway but the writing I see really captures my attention!

  62. Anonymous

    sorry i can’t lie to get a s4 the truth is that i hav never heard of tech junction

  63. alecia

    As a lover of tech I’m a fan of everything techy relater!! love this give away!!!!

  64. RaeDavenport

    Nice giveaway. I don’t have a cellphone and this one is the one I’ve had my eye on.

  65. Maegan Morin

    I like your reviews!! Its so hard to find good honest reviews about products. I also like that you go easy on the hype. Its refreshing.

  66. PeterP

    As a self-professed techno-nerd, I enjoy reading all the news and reviews I can get my hands on.

  67. abdulkader

    Because it gives us simple and illustrative reviews of upcoming gadgets.

  68. Ashley Hargan

    I believe that you can win this! I have been doing this contests for a long time and I have not won yet, but I feel I am getting close. As long as you follow all the steps you can and will win!

  69. mohammad

    i believe in fact i never listen about this site and i don’t remember when i liked, but today i read about this giveaway i surprise this can be organize the very huge giveaway, i am so happy to participate in this giveaway hope to win count me in your giveaway is really awesome.

  70. Gobind Singh

    Tech junction is the best place to know about the latest technology, if you ever wanted to know all the crystal clear information about the latest gadgets and it’s tech, this is the best place.

  71. peg42

    Thanks so much for this giveaway. Beeen wanting a great phone like this. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks.

  72. Aaron Arguelles

    I love technology and gadgets so I follow Tech Junction to be updated and of course to try my luck in winning this latest gadget. Hope I win.

  73. sudev vp

    The techportal which has all the reviews and releases of any gadgets….there are other portals that have only news about smartphone…Here we get all about apps,camera with reviews…it enable us to select the best apps and others gadgets available in the store up-to-date…..LUV YOU…….

  74. Josef

    Why exactly i like tech junction ?

    great information, reviews and news about gadgets/tech devices


  75. adityarules

    Tech junction is a very good website site to find out more about the latest gadgets
    it is well updated and gives helpful information
    I like this concept of giveaway
    really in need of a smart phone
    hope I win
    Thank you 🙂

  76. Fadi Toumi

    I like Tech Junction, because simply. I am a Technolgy fan and “tech junction” provides what I need.
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  77. Bhooshan Harake

    Why exactly i like tech junction ?

    umm thats epic question, TechJunction is all in one place where i can get to know the latest news, reviews and tech stuffs.. thats why i like TechJunction..

    — Twitter @acmcbc


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