According to an official statement by FlipKart, it would not be selling any item with a price tag of more than Rs. 10000 in Uttar Pradesh. FlipKart, one of India’s, biggest e-commerce website has taken this step in wake of “just for fun” orders being placed in this region. According to FlipKart, it was receiving fake orders, with payment option set as Cash on Delivery.This step will lower the sales of FlipKart by a huge rate, as Uttar Pradesh is India’s most populated state. There was also the option to remove Cash on Dilivery option for orders of Uttar Pradesh, but FlipKart did not consider it as they were also receiving spam orders with spam credit card details.

The official statement by a FlipKart Executive says,

“It takes a minimum of 10 days to ship a product to a customer and back to the company if it’s not purchased. It causes loss to sellers, selling through Flipkart, as their products get blocked in transit.”

Though with this step there would be huge loss for FlipKart, it would mean more profit for other e-commerce websites like SnapDeal and HomeShop18.

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