The all new Digital Storm Bolt is perfect for our modern computer users, who want to get a good performance for a justifiable price. The build is made with great intelligence to overcome unnecessary noise and even remains cool after a handful of tasks. The CPU Build works over Intel i7 3770k Processor, which gives it a super boost for heavy tasks without any sucks. The specifications of the Digital Storm Bolt are just mind blowing in short.
In memory, the Digital Storm Bolt has RAM is 8 GB, which catches the attention of most of the gamers. Being DDR3 type, the memory can be extended upto 16 GB
Graphics is no problem, it is well supported by nVIDIA GTX 660 Ti 2 GB dedicated card. This gets your 
games into real life appearance.
The PC is provided with a sufficient storage of 620 GB of 7200 RPM. Coming over performance, the startup time is 21.7 seconds. This model has already been experimented upon lots of performance, office, home, workstations and gaming. All of them are given an unimaginable boost by this best-of-all Digital Storm Bolt Desktop.

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