Caller ID applications are becoming more and more popular as the day passes, and Contactive is another try at the perfect Caller ID app. Contactive not only displays the name of the person calling you but it also tries to find data like the location of the caller and his social profiles. Overall, we found Contactive to be a good app, with good features.Contactive is one of the most recent Caller ID app launched. It was launched earlier this month, and it boasts of giving the social updates of the person calling you with his name.

The idea behind the app is just great, and the app really delivers what was demanded. But sometimes it lags a bit, and crashes a few times during heavy multi tasking. The basic things in the app really work good, but the app can do well with a few improvements like better stability.

Contactive gets its data from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yelp, Google Places, White/Yellow Pages, and Contactive’s Global Directory. I found that most of the times the data given by Contactive was right, but sometimes it gave wrong information.

But the app is based on a great concept and a few updates can fix the small bugs in it. Overall I’ll say that if it is a Caller ID app it has got to be Contactive !

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