iPad, the tablet from the huge electronics company, Apple has been a huge success in the market. One of the most attractive feature of the iPad is its huge screen which enables users to play HD games without any problems. With App Store, iPad users get a huge collection of games, but there are too many games to find the best one for you. So here is a post that will list out the best free games for iPad, so you can get the best out of your device.

There is no specific order of arrangement of these games. All the games given here are available for free at the App Store.

Best Free Games for iPad

1. Real Racing 3

One of my most favourite games, Real Racing 3 really gives you real racing experience. From graphics to cars, you can tell why this game has been so popular. Real Racing 3 comes for free in the App Store and if you like racing games this game is a must have on your iPad. But do remember that it is a big game and you require around 1GB free space for downloading it. Also, all the in App purchases are paid. So it definitely is the best free game for iPad in the racing category.
Real Racing 3 - best free racing game for iPad

2. Vector HD Free

Another one of my favourites, Vector HD is more addictive than any other game. The game has a basic plot break free and run ! The game is easy up front and then it gets interesting, and with new stunts on every level it doesn’t let you get bored. Vector HD has good graphics, and goes easy on memory, and doesn’t require too much free space on your iPad. It is one of the best free games in iPad, and will make you addicted to your device.
Vector HD

3. Angry Birds

No one really needs introduction to Angry Birds. Everyone knows the basic plot of the game, and how addictive it is, and so it is a sure shot part of the best free games for iPad.

4. NinJump HD

Another addictive game, NinJump HD allows you to unleash the Ninja within you ! As a Ninja you should jump around the walls and rise as high as you possibly can. Also remember, no Ninja is complete without fight, so along the way you have to kill birds, squirrels and more. This game is one of those that has housed my iPad since I bought it, and has remained in it ever since.
NinJump HD

Best Free iPad Game

These are the games what I feel are the best that iPad has to offer. But it might just happen that I forgot a game that too should have featured in the list. If you know better than me or even if you don’t, be sure to drop in a comment below to motivate us !

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