Everybody requires a document processor, be it a professional or a student, we all need to open PDFs and make word documents. But getting the right document processor can be a little tedious task sometimes. But no more, now Android has its own document processor, and that too for free, in Kingsoft Office. Kingsoft office is the best document processor for Android.

On PC, Microsoft Office does the document processing for us and on Android Kingsoft Office does the same. Kingsoft Office has options for opening PDF, Word, Powerpoint, and Excel files. It also allows you to edit these files.

One of the notable feature of Kingsoft Office is that it is really fast, and bug less. It also has a nice UI and it also allows you to create new files.

Best Document Processor on Android
Kingsoft Office does everything that even paid document processors can’t do. It allows you advanced document options like adding pictures in document, and adding Word Art.

Its pretty good in whatever it does and seeing that it comes for free it is truly a brilliant app. The Kingsoft Office app is available in the Play store for free.

Another great feature of Kingsoft Office is that it allows you to open encrypted files. It was first launched over a year ago, at that time it was a little buggy, but now it has evolved as the best document processor in Android.

This app is compatible with Android 2.1 and above. The only negative thing about the app is that it requires more RAM, and thus it might run slowly on the lower end mobiles.

Check out Kingsoft Office app on Google Play now !

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