Now that Outlook, has a newer and smoother look, are you jealous of it and want some of the features of Outlook on your Gmail ? If yes then this article will surely be of interest to you. Outlook has an interesting Auto-Purge feature that automatically deletes older email messages from specific senders after a certain period of time. Most of the people don’t know this but Gmail has had this feature ages ago. But that was added by Labnol author Amit Aggarwal.


Read how to add the Auto-Purge feature to your Gmail Account here.

  • Download the script from here.
  • Open the Google Script and choose File > Make copy to copy it into Google Drive account.
  • Set the value of GMAIL_LABEL to the label of the email(s) that you want to auto-sweep.
  • Set the value of PURGE_AFTER to the number of days after which the script should delete the emails.
  • Go to Run > Initialize and grant the necessary permissions for the script to work.
  • Now go to Run -> Install to install the auto-purge script.
  • All done, enjoy !

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